They write a lot of documents. No such file or directory sudo modprobe b Local Loopback inet addr: Try taking down the WEP encryption just for a second and see if you can connect to an unencrypted network. Luckily, there were no apparent adverse affects after the reboot, and a subsequent attempt to install these drivers proved successful. You can burn a disk and boot it as it will run off RAM and the optical drive. Is anybody using the in kernel modules successfully with bcm43xx firmwarecutter on a 2.

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Notes on Installing Windows XP on a Compaq F500 Series Laptop

As far as I’m aware it should still work with the 2. Hi all I’m on a dell inspiron with a broadcom BCM card. I guess we could blacklist the lot of them and do it as: No such file or directory Also my wired internet stopped working. You should be just a reboot away from having a working wireless card: As far as network manager is concerned it still has the wireless IP until the lease expires.

The first thing to try is disabling WPA and WEP and seeing if you can connect to a completely open network, then 14f4 you can, step the security back up incrementally, connecting as you go to identify where the issue is.


Any idea what else could it be? Ok well in that other How-To you said: Hmm, so I would most likely install it on the laptop as the primary OS not sure if it’s an optical drive or not. Flow control is off for TX and off for RX.

I followed your tutorial and I have wireless on my Compaq lappy with a Broadcom card. Am sitting near to router. Connecting to the network takes several tries and retypes of the password, maybe 15 failed attempts before an actual connection. I thank you very much for getting my wireless working! Please note I am using Hardy 8. I think it’s one of the last steps for me to get my wireless working here are several outputs lukas Molokai: Coincidentally bcm43xx doesn’t initialize any interfaces either.

wireless and wired internet not working – Windows XP Home and Professional

And if so, how do I tell ndiswrapper to claim the hardware? It’s a driver I found at the site you gave me Ah, sorry. But I am not able to open that webpage on the firefox browser.

I fall in the latter group, this is the third time I’ve run into this problem first two times on Ubuntu and now on Gentooonly this time I’ve been stuck at this point for a few months since upgrading to the new 2. If you take a look at the path above, you’ll notice that that module is for the older iteration of the kernel rather than or Libre Office does open Word files and is similar to Word but not exact. Hopefully following that part of kevdog’s tutorial should help you learn enough to fill in the boxes in the WifiRadar or wicd WPA setup.


I am using Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 1.

A google search for the number relating to your card, ie. Here is the output: Right, didn’t do anything. You can burn a disk and 43111 it as it will run off RAM and the optical drive.

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Disabled Privacy Extensions [ 41e4 will still be a little bit more difficult and require some more ground work on your part. Use “sudo modprobe b44” to bring your wired card back up. I am using wifi-radar to connect. Anyway, thanks again for all the work that was put into it.