What’s new in V2. Data Acquisition Hardware Support for Windows. How many data get? Add VB example of Adbmdma. Update Device Test to support current output function for. Execute the “Advantech Device Manager”, select the card then click the “Remove” button. New driver for new device.

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Advantech PCIU-BE Analog Input Card

Package of Advvantech examples. Update current output functions. Execute the “Advantech Device Manager”, select the card then click the “Remove” button.

Please answer the following questions. Thank you for reply.

The package of VC examples. I cannot find any description in the manual that indicate ppci-1713 sampling rate will differ depending on gain. To make sure this version of driver supports the hardware you use, refer to the following supported hardware listing information. What is the response time that you got? That’s out timer configuration.


Perhaps the problem does not cause from the gain setting. The package of VB examples. Multiple channels analog input with differential and single-ended combination mode.

Update function of Interrupt configuration for Win2K. Data Acquisition Hardware Support for Windows.

We use different number of channels and sampling rates. What’s new in V 2. Developed the driver of PCI to upgrade the firmware directly from Windows.

Pci driver, TmCntSet Examples.

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This function is used to save the values of control displays at system stop. What’s new in V 1.

Great thanx for your attention! Did you test the Widows demo that supplied by Advantech? Our software uses PCI to get voltage data with relatively high frequency. Support DI pattern interrupt function. Win98 current output function.

Method 1 PCI device only: Add VB example of Adbmdma 2. What’s new in V2. What’s new What’s new in What is the sampling rate used? Update Device Drivers’ Manual as more convenient and accurate programming reference. Advantech periodically upgrades drivers to add support for new hardware. Are you using the internal clock to trigger AI conversion? Package of Delphi examples.