Maybe you can find a reader firmware update from Alcor Micro or HP. Rather exceptional successful run of CCID 1. Daniel Manrique roadmr on Po-Hsu Would it be possible for you to test a mainline kernel, such as the one in http: Comment 22 features a working Lenovo laptop.

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This bug affects 4 people. Without such a reader at hand it will be hard to debug the driver. It still listed in the devices section, if you click on it in the file browser, an error pops, telling you the device was not found, and the disappears from the left column of the file browser.

I’ll also note that the A22CR card works fine does not exhibit the flapping behavior in an external Feitian reader. The eject event is not being sent through dbus ProblemType: The normal CCID alcoe should be: The driver can’t do much to know this is not correct and must trust the reader. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Thu May 2 Clock stopped in state L Something the reader? Comment on this change optional.


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Maybe you can find a reader firmware update from Alcor Micro or HP. Clock stopped in state L. This change was made by a bot. Hello Anthony, the hardware configuration of this system,is refreshed, thus this CID is deprecated. But it looks like it is a reader bug. A problem would be if the reader reports no card su9520 when a card is inserted.

I attach CCID parse output. Card reader – Alcor [f: Failed run of CCID 1.

Please generate 2 traces as described in http: I can confirm the current bug under Ubuntu Also affects HP Pavilion P6. I am not sure how to come back from the micr “An ICC is micto and inactive”.

Hello Christopher, All I have is the model name here And I think the point is what card reader is affected, sometimes vendors will even change the component base on their marketing strategy.

Changed in pcsc-lite Ubuntu: I can confirm, that if to downgrade onto 1.


AU9520 is a highly integrated single chip, USB Smart Card reader controller。

Currently installed libccid version in Ubuntu An example of a non-working au99520 I have the same problem, using pcscd 1.

See full activity log. As far as I know, there are no differences in libusb between versions tested, it seems that system doesn’t offer automatical updates if I mcro version of libccid and I haven’t changed anything manually for sure. The reason seems to be the eject event is not being sent through dbus.

The main differences I see start after here in the log: This is a brand new laptop and HP appear to have shipped it with their latest firmware. You need to log in to change this bug’s status.