Builds that in It just may take a year or two until we see first results. The results in FPS were almost the same, which tells us a few things. So there will be no GUI in the short run I believe. Gaming is probably all that keeps me on Windows. The fact that it’s accepted industry practice doesn’t make it any less wrong.

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If they leave it to the ATI team and just say “do as you please” it will or would probably come around. But there is no organisation you can perform a joint operation with, unless it operates as an organisation. So in fact alternative chip manufacturers pushing customers towards AMD hardware.

Check out latest instruction: What was very curious to me is, that also my WIndows10 Dual Screen setup was corrupted. I think the issue is the size of the driver development teams. I can accept if it was merely a performance hit compared to Windows.

Join our community today! You don’t have JavaScript enabled. All in all, my card is good.

Or I should be glad to obtain formal installation of non-working on my card driver and enjoy, contemplating the line with my card in the list of supported devices? As for Optimus, at least it is able to start X If you need to launch application on dGPU and ,inux want to see tearing – you just out of options.


[all variants] are ASUS M4 Series motherboards linux compatible?

Please type your message and try again. That was a Riva TNT. Results 1 to 10 of I can’t say the same for CentOS or RHEL for that matterwhere the majority of all professional applications aim at especially the visual field. Is it, or is there underlying issues that make other creators not want to touch Vulcan. Please, to explain how the politics apply to me – as an end user – when I own an AMD product I can’t use. Because Windows 8 Is a Catastrophe – Slashdot: The day is not far when some organization gonna make there graphics hardware dedicated for Linux gaming just like windows.

As for Tomb Raider – look into system requirements for name of compatible video driver.

Having experience in speaking with AMD support, I don’t believe in this If AMD developers need access to such a machine, ok, let they run test drivers, programs, etc. November 7th, 5.


Download Linux drivers for Chipset AMD 760G (Linux)

Leaves me with a bad aftertaste and thinking about switching to a NVidia-card. It would be linu to see its clinfo, but ok, may be. For various reasons, one of which was that it was the only choice left that I would feel happy about.

I have no idea, that was just a guess.

Those “it has to be free, and now I want it” hands. This book contains many real life examples derived from the author’s experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant.

November 8th, 7. It cyipset have to be any different for the A word or the A word. November 12th, 9.

Error message says that this GPU model is unsupported? If you need proper hybrid graphics without tearing, per application offloading there is no driver that can help nVidia Optimus laptop owners, AMD have open source driver for such case latest stable build provide OpenGL 3.