The interface module can be installed as an internal add-on or as a wall-mounted unit for products where internal connections are not supported. The Communicator performs an intelligent conversion between the serial protocol and the chosen industrial network. The 4i Edge designed to protect and provide secure remote access to SCADA equipment for extreme temperature environments. Includes simple-to-use configuration software with diagnostic tools. The CT webHMI project in the controller can then be accessed by any number of authenticated users via standard web browsers. MGate also supports redundant dual DC power inputs and a relay output for operation reliability.

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ConsoliDator is a multiple-channel controller. Additional available interfaces for the PAD satisfy many requirements for open communication networks.

Microprocessor-based overload relay, designed to provide protection for 3-Phase AC motors. Remote telemetry unit designed for remote data acquisition and control applications.

The converter can also be set up in a multidrop mode to allow one serial device 23k communicate with multiple devices around a fiber ring. LD is designed for integration into existing monitoring systems.

If redundant operation is desired, both connectors are used; otherwise either connector A or B is used.

PC Network Interface Cards – Molex

The DIR uses a compact IR sensor in a corrosion-resistant housing with sintered flame arrestor to meet hazardous area classification requirements. Complete set of single-phase, three-phase economy, and three-phase power controllers with a wide range of nominal voltages and currents. The Premium family of Programmable Logic Controllers are optimized for complex machine applications.


Contemporary Control Systems, Inc. The deviceWISE Device Gateway is boxrd integration appliance that maps data between different devices seamlessly without requiring any configuration changes in either device.

The minimum Network update time, NUTof the module is 5ms. Each unit provides 16 high-level analog voltage out-puts to pxi various industrial devices.

SysOnChip applicom PCI Board 32K () Free Driver Download for Windows , XP

Early information relating applifom potential motor problems and swift diagnosis ensure continuous operation of any application. M Series Controllers Controller: The Altivar 38 has been designed for state-of-the-art applications in heating, ventilation and air conditioning HVAC in industrial and commercial buildings: Other protocols can be implemented by HMS on request.

Modbus for Windows provides an interactive tool for development, data acquisition, monitoring, and testing of systems employing the Modbus protocol. Personalizes board as part your end product. Multiple registers may be mapped a single structured LonWorks network variable. The Logix has error reporting capabilities and extensive valve diagnostics.

The Analog Module can be set up to accept either eight single-ended analog signals, four differential analog signals, or a combination of single ended and differential inputs. It complements your main application micro-processor by off-loading it from communication tasks.


The keypad enables the monitoring parameters to be configured and defined. The Modbus Plus interface is based on licensed chip-set and software from Schneider Electric. The UEIModbus chassis family is ideally suited for a wide variety of industrial monitoring and control applications.

SysOnChip applicom PCI Board 32K Free Driver Download

Full appkicom of netRAPID is enabled via licensed firmware that needs to be acquired once and loaded during manufacturing process. Frequency converters for open-loop applications Brainchild Electronic Ltd. Endian’s intuitive web interface makes it easy to deploy and manage.

Brad applicom IO products are designed for industrial applications independent of the fieldbus used. These settings are stored in the module?

Pressure Control Valve Misc. The MB manages up to 62 serial slave 3k2 the MB manages up to serial slave nodes. Model X40 Series control system Controller: MGate also supports redundant dual DC power inputs and a relay output for operation reliability. Some of the features implemented in these CPUs include: