Use this for most applications. Technical Innovations RoboFocus A world leader in manufacturing observatory domes, dome automation equipment, and remote control devices for astronomers – including RoboFocus. LX we provide custom brackets and hardware. Warranty includes motor, control unit, cables, adapters and accessories. It compliments the remote operating capability of DDW.

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I added support for the TMP36 so I could have a temperature reading from the focuser. Focus to less than 0. RoboFocus brackets and mounts are held rkbofocus the scope with existing screws or a high quality double-sided VHB Very High Bond tape that can be removed if needed at a later time.

You can then set RoboFocus to adjust the focus automatically. Most programs such as MaxIm DL already have the needed focus controls built in. You can base it upon the control program we supply robfocus is open sourceor write your own program to take advantage of the various RoboFocus commands that are a part of our documentation.

I need to try it when I am imaging planets or the Moon as that is where I thought manual control would be most beneficial. Thus, you will benefit from a technique for measuring temperature and automatically making the appropriate focus changes. Lunatico’s Seletek Focuser Software and drivers for the Seletek family of controllers.

Arduino ASCOM Focuser

RoboFocus and its control program can also be used in parallel with all scope programs. To use the RoboFocus from a remote location, you send the commands from your computer to change the focus position and receive back digital position information.


The sensor is inside the controller external probe no longer availableand the RF control program includes a module for creating a dataset to record how your scope’s focus responds to temperature changees.

If you are lacking qscom open port, we offer a “pass-through” LX, Gemini and AP command setswhich allows sharing of one port, and a single USB to serial adapter. I started with the code from the above website and made the following changes: Technical Innovations RoboFocus A world leader in manufacturing observatory domes, dome automation equipment, and remote control devices for robofocis – including RoboFocus.

Adapt RoboFocus to a second scope with an “Additional Motor Kit” Modify scope storage cases to allow motor to remain mounted Check online user groups e.

Focuser Drivers

The RoboFocus stepping motor and typical bracket weigh about 15 ounces. How does the serial pass-through device work? I have been using a Robofocus focus controller for many years now to control a Robofocus geared stepper motor on my various imaging telescopes. RoboFocus Software – Latest software can be downloaded at http: Although many scope focus easily and accurately when you have the instant feedback of the visual object, others such as SCTsare difficult to focus due to their high backlash.

Accurate focusing requires that the eyepiece or imaging device be set to a precision of a few thousandths of an inch. Here are the passing results. Arduino-based Motor Focuser Controller. Once the motor is connected to the shaft, the next step is to install brackets to support the motor.


Technical Innovations RoboFocus

It is almost impossible to do this by hand because of the inability to make such small changes, and the inability to make the same change in reverse due to inherent backlash in most optical systems. This meant you just had to program your Arduino board with his code and the official Moonlite ASCOM driver would attach to your Arduino and “just work”. I wired one arm of the stepper across the M3 motor port and the other arm across the M4 motor port. Can I remove RoboFocus and use on multiple scopes?

Can I set up RoboFocus to do totally automated focusing? Below are downloads and links to some of these.

I set it up so one step on the rotary encoder moved the stepper on the focuser by one step. With RoboFocus, you can make tiny changes to the focus setting so that you can finally take full advantage of the resolution of your optical system for either visual asvom imaging applications. Automate your telescope focuser with RoboFocus. If transferring to a new scope, we will work with you to provide proper adapter parts.