And if all that does not help either, I suggest installing Ubuntu 8. You helped me out big time: I found this on the Internet. It’s an Asus F5R. What about my question about the PCI bridge? I can still use my favorite Linux version with my cabled LAN.

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Here a working link to the image.

If that workaround does not work either, then please send us the output of the following commands:. I am happy it helps you, If your Broadcom wireless card is using the bpci-bridge Linux driver, then the output of the following command. And if all that does not help either, I suggest installing Ubuntu 8. L2 Mbit Ethernet Adapter [ Power down the notebook 2.

It just blinks very short when I move the switch on the side of my notebook. Keep in mind that one 43111 more of the following 5 basic components need to be configured correctly so that wireless can work correctly in Linux:.


Make sure the laptop does NOT contain a Broadcom wireless chipset.

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Ik ben van plan Kubuntu te installeren, denk je dat het daar ook f5f werkt? Just open Terminal and edit a file: Are there any modules that need to be added again?

Reboot your pc and after rebooting, please make sure that the bpci-bridge driver is being used instead of the wl0 driver. Rob Op maandag om I’m pretty sure this is a new thing. Finally my wireless works: If you want to install wicd, it is recommended to first connect your pc to your router using a LAN cable ethernet cable. Turn asue the wireless card yes, switch it off 2a. In order to gather essential troubleshooting information about your wireless configuration in Ubuntu 9.


Found 2 processor cores. For some reason this was all NO problem in release 7. So start terminal and run Now you want to compile your kernel. I am very happy Mark, I allready did.

Rob Op donderdag om Try disabling encryption on the router and enabling SSID broadcasting on the router azus then try establishing the wireless connection. You have to use v3 of it. What could be the cause of this? Thank you very much for you info Stenlikobra1 Mark, is ir possible to create an update of some sort for this problem?


If you have a logic switch, power if off before wi-if shut down. If it contains an Atheros or Intel wireless chipset, you should be safe from wireless hell. Check ‘ip link’ and make sure your wireless device is actually there.

Now to start off the driver for this card is still under major development along with the whole wireless subsystem in the Linux kernel so this could become outdated soon.