The bezel around the screen is black, while the webcam that sits above the screen is silver. The overall battery life is quite poor. The hinges hold the screen well, there is little wobbling and there are three hinges to hold it in place. The lid shows some flex but does not ripple, even under excessive pressure. The touchpad looks a little outdated in terms of style, but my finger does glide across it nicely.

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Asus provides a program called LifeFrame2 which is used with the webcam. They will provide the driver, recovery, media discs, and other accessories that are typical for Asus notebooks. As expected, there is a lack of bass.

While using Vista the notebook felt snappy, so I was happy with that. The lid is silver with a small indentation for some extra styling.

F5R | ASUS Global

It takes two hands to open the laptop with the latch design it has. The wireless connectivity was strong, I was ashs to move the laptop around the entire building and keep a strong signal. Vista could have had an effect on the battery life, another method in which you can increase battery life is to turn off AeroGlass and disable the webcam in the device manager.


In conclusion the Asus F5R is a basic notebook that will fit the needs of a mainstream user. During intensive CPU tasks, like benchmarks and installing, the laptop is still only relatively warm.

Asus F5R laptop Wi-Fi device drivers

As previously mentioned, the keyboard flexes all over, but it does not hinder my ability to type. The bezel around the screen is black, while the webcam asys sits above the screen is silver.

Unfortunately there is no real gaming potential. I found the Aeus Duo processor be a little outdated in terms of the current technology and speed.

The accessories and software CDs are going to be just like many other Asus notebooks. The webcam draws attention due to its assus and the fact it can swivel. The laptop is quite cool, even after several hours of use.

I felt that the touchpad was responsive, but I would have liked a slightly larger one. There ass a considerable amount of travel for the keys which is nice to see, and overall I am satisfied with the keyboard. The Asus F5R is a new However, the weak points are battery life, older Core Duo processor instead of the current Core 2 Duo technology, and keyboard with flex. The Asus F5R has a The asuz rests also have a little bit of flex under normal usage.

Asus F5R Review

Some of the other notebooks users shopping for the F5R may want to look at in this target market are:. The Asus F5R is a I would liked to have seen the Core 2 Duo T over the Core Duo, but it was used to reduce the cost.


Only the touchpad gets warm, the wlah of the laptop just gets slightly warm. In terms of build quality, the Asus F5R seems to be good.

Overall I feel that the screen is satisfactory for normal users. When using headphones and ear buds the sound quality is excellent just as expected.

Asus F5R Review

Even if you put your ear to the vent you wlna hear only a slight amount of fan noise. The lid shows some flex but does not ripple, even under excessive pressure. The speakers are located at the front of the laptop and face slightly downwards.

The laptop has a very simple look to it, certainly basic and unsophisticated. As you can see, the dimensions are very similar. Noise from the laptop is extremely minimal.