You should be able to just go ahead and get the HDMI video card of choice. Google though provided me with this link http: The advanced processing technology contains two physical CPU cores with individually dedicated L2 cache to satisfy the rising demand for more powerful processing capability. I have Catalyst set to clone my desktop to the TV. All specifications are subject to change without notice. Now it’s hooked to DVI, but the jitters are still there.

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Does the board happen to have a SPDIF header output that is separate from the proprietary expansion card? MyLogo2 Turn your favorite photos into color boot logos to personalize your system. You should be able to just go ahead and get the HDMI video card of choice. Brand m2x-vm product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies.

Originally Posted by Transmembrified Thanks again.

ASUS M2A-VM HDMI – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket AM2 – AMD G Overview – CNET

It has the mixed blessing of a fan too. PCI expansion is the pits.

If you really want to get a better video experience upgrade the 23″ display to something larger. I’m running the latest Catalyst, However, no amount of adjustment makes any difference.


ASUS M2A-VM HDMI – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket AM2 – AMD 690G Series

Do you have any suggestions for tweaking Catalyst that might fix this? I wonder if vkdeo would also fit fine. New wealth is created in 2 ways: Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative.

This utility saves users the cost and hassle of buying a replacement BIOS chip. Works fine for that purpose. They seem rare if not non-existent.

It is a PCIe X16 slot. Everything else is just processing what you dug up or grew.

Only the 5xxx cards can bitstream HD audio. So, assuming your board is just like mine except for the HDMI adapter, did you install a video card on it? You may want to describe what you intend to use the new video card for e.

M2A-VM HDMI | Motherboards | ASUS Global

Whatever it is, are you happy or would you choose something different now? You dig it from the ground mining and oil Or you grow it fishing, farming and forestry.

But choosing it gets me no volume, and choosing the Realtek gets me no volume. Please check with your supplier for exact offers. As, for the sound problem, the source of it and the fix are over at https: You must use ATI graphics card on the pcie slot in order to run multiple monitors when using vireo pcie slot.


You and others here at AVS may find this laughable but the main reason I want a speedier card than the on-board Radeon X is that I’m addicted to online golf, Tiger Woodsand have to run the game at low quality, no animated water, m2a-gm, grass, etc, especially on complex custom user-made courses.

They should have placed the throw-away x1 slot next to it instead.

Plays HD DVD and Blu-ray Discs with HDMI Support

I want a video m2a-vk. You can see some photos of the board and adapter over at http: There’s a concern about fitting a video card in the PCIe encroaching on the other slot spaces. Backwards compatible with current USB 1.

Originally Posted by GreenEyez HD audio mainly and more power consumtion the HD is the most power efficient card out there, consumes a couple of watts. Profile that allows users to conveniently store or load multiple BIOS settings.