Have you cleared CMOS? Posted September 11, Asus P5Q deluxe Sun Feb 01, 8: Im currently on old hardware and im quite unhappy, please help. This problem keeps occuring. Also, it does not seem that the motherboard can boot headless.

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Zitat von megatron im Beitrag 3 [You can zoom in otherwise its a bit hard to read. Plus I am really enjoying not having to run windows on my server and such. So, Microsoft has so much faith in their update system that they won’t even allow you to do a shutdown without updating first? What I did was: It said it was about to update or similar. But C1E is there. If I get a chance tonight, I will try to go headless, and let you know what happened When if I flash the bios do I have to reset my raid0?

Need SSD can’t find AHCI Solved – Windows 7 Help Forums

Anyone know a way I can force that latest update? How do I track it down qhci cause it is really filling up my syslog. Then do all your updates on windows and leave it alone. Right now I am trying to figure out why it is throwing these codes: Feb 9, De,uxe Maybe in the future. After testing most of the hardware, I tried resetting BIOS settings to default and that seemed to allow the drive to enumerate consistently.


Subsequently I made the locker invisible using “Folder Protect” software. Fri Mar 23, 4: Overclocks fine so far.

Any helpful thoughts are appreciated. Mon Mar 12, 4: Basically, what Khato did was to brake the primary bios thats why u got the black screen and then use the backup bios which gave u the cpu ratio settings, somewhy.

Asus P5Q Deluxe Boot problem.

Have you tried delhxe the onboard battery and reset the jumpers? Nov 16, Posts: I am not even using it on the Drive xpert port, because I didn’t like some of the errors that I was getting in unraid.

If the only difference is the MB, you could have a defective board. Getting back to AHCI mode is easy enough if you google the process.

Not certain if the drives spun down or not Can’t wait to try this. Still waiting, not impressed. When rebooting it got stuck on a black screen at that point I thought “s!


The replacement will be a backup. However I can’t get a screenshot as the program only displays 1 update now despite me not dwluxe to update yet. What command do I type to achieve 2? I have not had any problems with drive expert, but I only tested 16GB of file transfers. I will try replacing the CMOS battery and post back.

If I get a urge to use the last 5.