Implementing the IEEE Camera Indicator The camera indicator shows when the built-in camera is in use. Keep in mind the important safety instructions from your CD suppliers. This Notebook PC has a built-in high-speed memory card reader that can conveniently read from and write to many flash memory cards as mentioned later in this manual. Preparing Your Notebook Pc The power saving modes control many aspects of the Notebook PC to maximize performance versus battery time. Charging The Battery Pack

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Applying or removing the power adapter will automatically switch the system between AC mode and battery mode.


Expresscard Slot Flash Memory Slot Normally an external memory card aaus must be purchased separately in order to use memory cards from devices such as digital cameras, MP3 z37ee, mobile phones, and PDAs. When opening, do not force the display panel down to the table or else the hinges may break! Page 3 Table of Contents Cont.

France Restricted Wireless Frequency Bands Do not use strong solvents such as thinners, benzene, or other chemicals on or near the surface.


Memory ram Memory RAM Additional memory will increase application performance by decreasing hard disk access. Can be used with video conferencing and other interactive applications. Additional battery packs are optional and can be purchased separately through a Z37w PC retailer. The choices and languages will depend on the territory.

Ce Mark Warning Getting Started Colored Hot Keys cont.

Memory RAM Additional memory will increase application performance by decreasing hard disk access. Knowing The Parts Appendix Notebook PC Information This page is provided for recording information concerning your Notebook PC for future reference or for technical support.

Z3e For The Touchpad Macrovision Corporation Product Notice If not properly cared for, it can be easily damaged. This Notebook PC has the following storage devices: The fol- lowing defines the meaning of each multimedia control key on the Notebook PC.

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This manual also for: Z37spZ37epZ37s. The Notebook PC comes with a replaceable hard disk drive. Removing an optical disc Eject the tray and gently pry the edge of the disc upwards at an angle to remove the disc from the hub. The bottom side may vary in appearance depending on model.


Internal Modem Compliancy The other key, that looks like a Windows menu with a small cursor, activates the properties menu and is equivalent to pressing the saus mouse button on a Windows object. Using The Notebook Pc 4.

Asus Z37E Hardware Manual

Appendix Common Problems and Solutions Cont. The keyboard will be different for each territory.

Table of contents Table Of Contents Charging The Battery Pack Clicking Press the left cursor button and release. Some security products may also include a motion detector to sound an alarm when moved. Page 10 Introducing the Notebook PC Do not use damaged power cords, accessories, or asud peripherals.

The levels of hardware and software support may vary depending on the installed operating system.