If Radeon, ditch the. Anyway you can post the file as you copied it. DGamer amkoraiem wrote on Phillips maphilli14 wrote on Possibly send that to AMD or open a case so that they could look into it.

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Then do a distro-sync and a clean all. I’ll test it with the backclear patch now.

Also do you know if they will help on the CrossFire setup? Hello, this is akward.

I’ve never been too happy with Xorg memory utilization so today I tried the following: Could you post more detailed instructions? Man, I wish I could replicate it, but as the post indicates, the process worked for me.

Ati catalyst linux display driver logo pix. All the latest manufacturer’s drivers available for free from Software Patch.

ATI Catalyst™ Proprietary Display Driver – linux

I still kept going forward with the process installing lightdm, disabling gdm and agi lightdm. It does not install correctly. I’ll build a new source later today or tomorrow.


Hi there, I got the same problems with Korora 22 with 4. October 13, at 7: Then the memory use will grow to around 3G after one day. If someone could recommend a good Linux program to test the card I would be happy to provide the benchmarks.

ATI Catalyst™ Proprietary Display Driver – linux – Blackpool Linux

I might do that. When I use the “vacuum” animation for menu creation, new menus grab bits of the window behind them ai drag those bits along, until the real content finishes appearing. October 21, at Please note that not all the OEM cards are. Now turn SELinux back on enforcing and reboot. This should fix the leaking November 3, at 9: I read that can help for your problem. AMD have contributed code to catalysthm amd-gpu driver that is now included in the fc22 kernel and the fc23 kernel.

I could try building it manually following the instructions under “Workarounds”, but could you update the version at https: Please disregard the last message, I don’t have an option to delete it.


I tested again with the instruction.

With a fully up-to-date Fedora 22 installation, perform the following command to acquire the requisite packages: If I were dispoay guys, I’d close out this bug report and replace it with a fresh one, that has a clear write up for a description, the current patch attached, the PPA as a workaround, and steps to rebuild xserver to include the patch.

Then I just get a full screen terminal after booting, which is perfect, if you know the command to start your desktop environment startxfce4 for me. October 18, at You need this in addition to kernel-source, and kernel-syms. If you couldn’t wait ’til i update the ppa, then you can decide to build your own patch.

I have a problem with proprietray line: Download and install ATI drivers from their catalystrm.