Multiple input configuration and comprehensive low, high EQ and volume controls. Even with its form factor design, the AV40S v3. They accept the same modules used in the original series as well as some new modules unique to the M2 series. Each unit also operates using up to 5 input channels total. Available in various sizes and weights for different speaker designs. Each function is served by a full compliment of controls in an easy-to-use layout. They have a frequency response of Hz

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Made of cold BR4WS rolled steel that is zinc-treated for corrosion resistance, these baffles are finished with a remarkably durable and attractive powdered epoxy v3.1a is significantly superior to lacquer or enamel in scratch, scuff and nick resistance.

UHF handheld transmitter only, dynamic The short models contain 9 vertically connected 7-cm 2. The TCB-1 provides a switched hold connection to a telephone line so that the telephone set may be hung up during program feeds. SD72 with white grille Same as above, but in white The systems are secure with bit encryption so that no one else can listen to your conversations.


Stereo solid state mic pre, 1RU Arrays of up to 6 enclosures may be flown with optional array frames. The ultra-light reflex cabinet is fitted with 2 pocket handles v3.1x 1 35mm pole mounting point for easy installation with satellite speakers. Use the talkback mic to give instructions to the musicians in the headphone mix.

Shuttle Av40s drivers

Speakers v.31a unique Complex Conic horns, designed on the spherical expansion of the acoustic pressure wave. Processor module for TOA Series amplifiers Each 1-input, 4-output module is independent.

Dual 8″ 2-way black, 8ohms Wide, uniform sound coverage helps fill the venue with sound in a way no ordinary speaker can. Provides completely passive relay switching for up to 3, 6-channel surround paths.

It also has a monitor speaker and a talkback mic built-in. All CFX passive models are provided with both looping 4-pin Neutrik Speakon type connectors and screw-type terminal strips.

Remote VCA master volume This combination produces an amazing sound and pressure levels with v3.1z almost distortion-free musical reproduction. For extended high frequency response the SD uses a dual cone design wizzer conethe GD has a co-axial tweeter and crossover built-in.

Same as ST but with 2 additional mic stands The Matchbox is bi-directional, providing four independent amplifiers for stereo input and output interface. QRx speakers are made from ply birch plywood and finished in FuturaTM, a weather-resistant polyurethane finish that resists dings that come with portable audio.


The CM is ideal for home-studio and wide-ranging monitoring applications, but it can be used for live monitoring onstage as well. Please consult input modules listing for list of available modules.

AV40S v3.1A (AV40SV3)

The labor saving Vari-Tap terminal is screwdriver adjustable and includes a protective cover with built-in strain relief. Upgrade for M, adds AES loop option Also features dB SPL, 2 6. Both allow you v3.a send signals into the phone line while maintaining excellent separation between your voice and the caller. Mic stand adapter for mixer As AMP1S64, but adds mono vol.

The VoicePath is for connection to a PC sound card for either recording or playback.

They feature large diameter high-frequency waveguides with low-frequency projection apertures that work in tandem to provide a seamless integration of coverage between the two coaxially-mounted drivers.