We not only provide Marketplace to sell your laptop spare parts, We also work closely with you to prepare the Item Information and do the uploading as well. I Can Supply This. Falling Just Short Unlike many notebooks still using the standard aspect ratio, the BenQ goes for the trendy widescreen look that’s more prevalent among the desktop replacement cum multimedia workstation class. Customer Feedback Last Week. The BenQ was quite disappointing in MobileMark, managing the lowest score of all four notebooks.

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The touch pad is also another advertised feature on BenQ’s website.

As for the battery life, with the MSI having extended batteries, the odds are stacked against the BenQ. In any case, the Joybook P41 still performed reasonably as expected of it.

With ATI a key provider of the motherboard and graphics chipsets for AMD’s Turion 64 platform, expect to find this ‘feature’ in other similar notebooks.

It’s an original AC adapter. Know more about PcHub. Excellent quality looks like OEM and service.

Laptop Benq Joybook P41 – Gaming performance, specz, benchmarks, games for laptop

Unfortunately, that’s the slowest model – the 1. The end result of course is the retail version of the MSI S 2. There is no handy switch to activate the wireless functionality, which is useful to ensure that the notebook is not unintentionally wirelessly linked, especially in public hotspots where security could be an issue.


They claim that the lack of a ridge between the pad and the keys allows your fingers to glide smoothly between the pad and the keys. Coupled with the widescreen display, multimedia applications should run decently on this notebook, but the puny dual speakers rated at 1W each on the sides of the display makes this less than ideal. The only place I could find this part. Buying Process Learn more about our shopping cart and how you can securely place order online.

Be the first to write a comment. BenQ’s marketing stresses the ‘elevated’ hinge that supposedly increases the height of the screen and puts it more level with the eye for viewing comfort.

You may also be interested in Enter the code shown: Introduction Introduction In mobile computing, Intel is by far the undisputed leader in processors. In our opinion, the glossy nature of the screen naturally reflects quite a fair bit of the surroundings and the brightness is not too pronounced. Know more about this protection. You may also be interested in On paper, the MSI S and its 1.

Other third party software like Nero Express and an antivirus program should be welcome for all consumers. It’s a fairly standard keyboard, with the usual multi-function keys and l41.

BenQ Joybook P41 (AMD Turion 64 X2) –

This is done through the use of a proprietary layer of film and coating to reduce glare while simultaneously increasing the brightness. Remember that the MSI S running at 1. The only concession to the security expected of a business-oriented notebook is the Kensington slot that’s almost a standard for notebooks to foil thefts and of course, the BIOS and Windows password features.


For the other 3DMark results, we chose to show only the CPU score, since all the three entries had the exact same graphics cores. As a result of this new chip, AMD has slowly made some gains in this segment.

BenQ Joybook P41 (AMD Turion 64 X2)

Falling Just Short Unlike many notebooks uoybook using the standard aspect ratio, the BenQ goes for the trendy widescreen look that’s more prevalent among the desktop replacement cum multimedia workstation class. As seen above, there are also shortcut keys to open a browser, email application and a custom application that you can choose.

Sign-up Get e-mail updates on joyboik products, special offers and promotions! These benchmarks put the notebooks through a series of tests with a host of common applications used daily by most consumers, e. The already lackluster viewing angle too seems to suffer from the treatment with the reflections worsening the problem. AMD however has continued plugging at the mobile segment, with mobile versions of their desktop Athlon 64 and Sempron lines.

Without further ado, let’s see what this budget notebook is capable of: