When an adapter configuration is saved, the NetWare install program adds load and bind statements to the Autoexec. Go directly to Kingston’s technical support website. For instructions on installing NetWare Server 5. The chipset is also used in 3COM 3C network cards. Use the keyword standby in the BASP bind command to bind an adapter as a hot standby member. By accessing this file, you can verify the parameters configured for each adapter, modify them, or enter additional parameters.

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For instructions on installing NetWare Server 5. This screen displays all virtual adapter settings and statistics.

Certified LAN Drivers

This mode is protocol-independent and all traffic should be load-balanced and fault-tolerant. You should be able to use a B57 driver in a Compaq. LAN, while Compaq makes a version that comes up as Q By accessing this file, you can verify the parameters configured for each adapter, modify them, or enter additional netwars. The following instructions are for installing Novell NetWare Server 5.

NetWare Driver Software: Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet Adapter User’s Guide

Broxdcom is important to have the switch and adapter set properly. Note that standby is only valid for Smart Load-Balance mode. Installing NetWare Server 5. Disables the menu-driven screen when BASP. For an adapter installation with an existing NetWare server, NetWare will automatically detect the new adapter and attempt to load the appropriate driver. This is necessary because GVRP uses untagged Jumbo nefware support must have the following text in the Startup. The Novell monitor program and the config command are also useful for viewing driver configuration properties.


Duplicate MAC Addresses and UDP issues with Broadcom B57 and Q57 Cards

Removing Drivers from Autoexec. The Generic Trunking mode requires the ethernet switch to broadckm some form of port trunking mode e. The recommended sequence is to load BASP.

For more information, see Verifying or Modifying Adapter Parameters. Press ESC, and then select Yes to save. Be sure to load the brosdcom drivers with hardware checksums enabled.

While this setting affects adapter performance, it allows installation of the operating ndtware and up to eight adapters during initial install. Make sure that your server meets the hardware and operating system software requirements described in “Installing the Hardware. The system must be restarted for the new configuration to take effect.

Auto-negotiation is the proper supported configuration under the IEEE specification. Go directly to IC Plus’ technical support website. MIB file, which is on your installation CD.

Duplicate MAC Addresses and UDP issues with Broadcom B57 and Q57 Cards

I found it posted to the Dell support site for the servers. For more information, see Viewing or Modifying Adapter Properties.


LAN loses communication – http: If the adapter driver supports NESL events, the displayed link status shown on the screen should change immediately. The default maximum number of receive buffers for the system isand the default minimum is Go directly to D-Link’s technical support website.

Deleting the Receive Buffers phrase from the load statement resets the Receive Buffers property to the default value of You may also click on the appropriate logo to visit the company’s home page or technical support page.

During installation, the RxBuffers value should be set to 32, the minimum number of buffers the driver requires for each adapter. If you are installing NetWare 5.