I thought the reset button on the back might revert it to factory settings. Reading you description, not much comes to mind; two things; first, perhaps something nefarious, so disconnect your DSL, wait ten minutes. ZeroFlux newbie Fri Aug Posting is currently disabled. No problems so far. I can download torrents with a yellow smiley but not a green one.

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Register or login on our website and you will not see this ad. Posting is currently disabled. More of the same fun, but this time, for the PopOut pages. I thought the reset button on the back might revert it to factory settings.

If you can’t afford the ten bucks, try enabling ICS on the main machine follow the wizards. I’ve recently picked up a BT voyager ADSL router, and it worked fine for a couple hours, then seem to lock up with all the lights on solid.

One just now with Azurres, but nothing that would jepordise my voyage between my comp and router. ZeroFlux newbie Wed Aug When I power cycled it, the lights come on one at viyager time with various delays until they are all on constantly. If http stops completely, voyger be about five minutes before it works again. I can’t find your mail, but I haven’t done a full scan yet; feel free to reply to that one I just sent you.


Anyone have any ideas how to fix it? Would seem like a good idea to me. Secret Admin Page Selector!

BT Voyager Router | eBay

It’s not broken, it’s a security feature! However when I release the reset button, xdsl sequence of light all the lights in turn happens again.

Print Thread bubieyehyeh learned Wed Aug I can telnet into the router, if I try bbt the right point in the power up sequence, and can just about type the username and password in before the last two lights turn on and stop the telnet session responding. I can telnet it, but when all the lights come on, it freezes. These posts have been archived and can no longer be replied to or modified.

I’m setting the maximum upload as low as 10kbs with no change. Please enable JavaScript for corz.

BT Voyager Router

voyaged I’ll try swaping the ports to see if that changes anything. Because it’s possible to create ranges with theI have personally had no need to breach the 20 rule limit.


I’ve tried three short pushes, and hold it for 5s on third. As for voyagfr link, the router doesn’t have a serial port so that a no go. Automatic Router Scripting Engine. When I probe the port I have opening in themu router and my software firewall I just stealthed with GRC and probably stelathed on this site’s probe.

Kitz – Voyager CLI

Anonymous ] [ link to this post ]. Also not running that silly service that XP Uses Using version 2. Scan the PDF for high ranges used for other things. Then run through your Azzy prefs, things like DHT may affect the total number of connexions.

I have followed everything on these pages. Using a Linksys Router.

No problems so far. If it’s still not working, please mail me!