Also the inputs are not in order they are all mixed up. Does the gv have wdm drivers that will allow me to have 4 inputs? This card has a processor chip for each channel and is therefor capable of faster frame rates per channel than the single chip 4 channel model. A week at a time is presented, and you may zoom-in on any particular day. Take care till then.

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The only difference for each setup besides the camera number and name is that you select a different composite input from the drop down box.

Watch your nanny, babysitter, or your friends. PTZ dgr are now selected by number on the UI rather than the previous combo box. Each one selects a different input on your 4 input card. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I know what you are talking about when it comes to adding a camera.

Bye for now LES…. I still can’t find the link to the free software. The ActiveX control has been updated to 1. Our new range of capture cards for use the BTa chip but with a modern card design evr the latest components and techniques bringing the tried and tested technology right up to date.

Use motion detection, audio detection, or capture continuously.

Camsecure Blog » BT DVR Cards

Do you have a card similar dvt this and need Windows Drivers for it? New camera screen comes up, select video tab. These heatsinks cost very little so if you are at all unsure about the cooling capabilites of your cars then its best to invest that little bit extra and keep your video processor chips cool, performing well and reliable. Use up to 64 cameras webcams, camcorders, network IP cams, analog cards, or your PC desktop.


If the cards are in a cramped PC with a lot of other cards and no card rack cooling fan then definetly yes – fit heatsinks and try to dissipate as much heat as possible. The support these cards has is exceptional and their low crad still makes them a highly viable choice for many uses today in CCTV and general electronic surveillance. If you can start the software, click on the “Utility” button on the main screen, then “System Information”.

If you already have a card and want to buy the heatsinks and fit them yourself then you can but be sure to use the correct heatsink glue not supplied for attaching them to ensure maximum heat transfer and of course make sure they dont fall off into the machine where they could cause massive damage by shorting out components etc.

These cards are available in single chip, four chip and eight chip models. As it has only a single processor chip this limits its maximum frame rate when you are using more than 1 x camera. A new Software Option allows you to set an automatic maximum duration for a manual recording. This card is a clone of the Kodicom xard. They we located just around the corner from the Snow Centre. At Camsecure we have a PC running 2 x 8 channel cards side by side and they have a cooling fan at the front of the PC blowing air through the card bay and they run pretty cool even evr operating at maximum speed and resolution.


Conexant Fusion 878a EZ View 4 Channel Driver

When using the supplied Kodicom – DVR NET software this catd can be switched to provide a composite video output of any of the 4 inputs, or it can be set to sequence between them with a selectable dwell time for each channel. But with the BTa cards it depends a lot on the environment and the PC they are used in as to wheather they need heatsinks or not.

The main problem here is i can’t seem to get windows to see more than one input Your other alternative is a dedicated hardware DVR.

The viewer buttons on either side of the Step buttons now move to the previous and next event within a BVR cad. Edited March 1, by Guest. Overlay text and graphics onto your video clips. Buying the program from us guarantees you full support on any and all installation issues.

But I am actually working on the same problem you have and have spent the last week researching what software to use with this card. Although outdated technology this card was cwrd incredibly versatile capture device giving 8 channels each controlled by its own BTa chip. That way each chip is only capturing one channel, and they won’t have to switch.

There are some nice features in BI.