Fernando Rodriguez Villegas Cosponsor s: Cosmological correlation functions encode the spectrum of particles during inflation, in analogy to scattering amplitudes in colliders. The wind acceleration also results in an increase in the strength and subsequent heat transport of the Indonesian throughflow, which transports some of the additional heat from the western Pacific into the Indian Ocean. Finally, I will review the concept of future climate prediction or projection and the different sources of uncertainty underlying climate projections, including a discussion of the topic of uncertainty characterization within the context of the climate change debate. In this talk, I will review recent progress on the spatial representations in the medial entorhinal cortex of rodents, and discuss on-going work on neural network models of spatial memory and the analysis of free exploration behaviour.

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Transmite video y se puede enlazar a un blog a a una pagina web. Due to the advantages of being robust, simple, and efficient, STIRAP and its theoretical extensions have found a large variety of applications in atomic and molecular physics, nioy, as well as quantum information processing. For more information, see: The original version of this rigidity theorem, under some additional hypotheses, is due to M.

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Particle production occurs as the mass of heavy particles goes through non-adiabatic modulations as the inflaton field rolls. Ruth Kellerhals University of Fribourg.

But does Inflation itself require a homogenous patch to begin? Ali Hassanali Cosponsor s: The second uses an analogy with random walks to argue that the Euler product trch is valid to the right of the critical line.


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Similar discontinuous behaviour is found in a triple quantum dot system exhibiting regular and singular Fermi liquid transitions [2]. The school will assist qualified Ph. The talk is based on a joint work with Maryna Viazovska. In a second part, I will discuss the cajara of noise in Quantum networks. I will then talk about the elliptic genus of these models, using localization technique, in the case when the unsquashed vacuum manifolds obey the Calabi-Yau condition.

Petra Krizmancic Organizer s: Via Grignano 9 Trieste, Italy. Then I shall explain why the study of non-euclidean and especially hyperbolic polyhedral volume is an important but difficult topic. Guido Corsi Secondary School.

A particular type of structure is represented by nanosized core-shell phases, which proved to be superior catalysts in several catalytic reactions, such as methane combustion [3] as well as photocatalytic hydrogen evolution from biomass-derived substrates [4] or electrocatalytic water electrolysis [5] when integrated with multi-walled carbon nanotubes.

The differences between the two tomography models influence the results more strongly than possible changes of the depth distribution of compositional variations.

Magdala Tesauro, University of Trieste. Order is an organisational principle that gives a material its macroscopic properties.

In Rydberg gases tehc to a noisy environment these constraints emerge naturally and lead to a remarkably rich dynamics although the final stationary state might be entirely uncorrelated and trivial.


The effect of fluid flow is not yet well understood and the interplay between transport of individuals and growth opens a wide scenario of possible behaviors. Furthermore, these are reflected in a dynamical topological order parameter constructed out of the gauge-independent Pancharatnam phase implying an emerging topological structure.

It is now an established fact that black holes behave as thermodynamical systems with a blackbody radiation, the Hawking radiation.

As typical for this IKC forum series, the scheduled oral sessions are lively interleaved with informal gathering and information exchanges between participants, which definetely make this njooy a must attend one for the ESS diagnostic IKC community. Inflation techh the cosmic homogeneity problem.

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We propose a new kinematic observable for resonance search and study the phenomenological natural units as a shortcut to understand and discuss the most sensitive channels to a given model. For information on the Medallists, see: Activities by year C; [14] R. In particular, I will highlight the role and some properties of the many-body eigenspectrum. Marble pebbles on the beach are one example of jamming.

These experiments prove that Atom Chips camaea be ideal tools for the control of quantum dynamics opening a new way to realizing novel quantum logical gates.