Extension Media websites place cookies on your device to give you the best user experience. Run the driver installation file from a Windows account with the highest privileges rights. Global semiconductor industry revenue declined 3. Any other input is appreciated. Automation Testing Market Worth One of them I programmed just last week and it worked I have then uninstalled and deleted the folders of the CCS stuff I had and proceeded with a fresh install of 5.

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This is a useful review for many folks! I will try to find a different cap and spend the day today trying to vcs what is going-on.

CCS ICD-U64 USB Drivers – Download Device Drivers – –

Tue Feb 21, 1: PIC16F 8-bit MCU Product Family The PIC16F 8-bit product family is a powerful microcontroller, ideal for designers seeking a product that xcs an optimal balance between performance, power efficiency, functionality, flexibility and value. How should I interpret these fuses and and what could be the fault? Stratford Digital Incorporated Synopsys, Inc. This driver works on Windows 5. So connectivity-wise, all is fine.


Yeah I just tried that and it behaves the same. I still cannot explain why CCS Load fails the oscillator test.

CCS :: View topic – ICD-U64 & PIC16F (also posted in the CCS ICD forum)

Last edited by benoitstjean on Mon Feb 27, What is your unit actually doing?. I’m sure those famliar with your equipment will respond but it mght take awhile Follow the driver setup wizard, which should be pretty easy to follow.

First, check what version firmware you have in the ICD, and try updating to the latest if you haven’t already got this. In the Diagnostics window, on occasions I will click “Read Device ID” and it will succeed but the programming has failed.

Mon Feb 27, So if this is fine, why am I getting sporadic programming issues Apparently there are some changes in the IDE that also affect handling for the latest chips this was a problem for me, as 5.

For the heck of it, please try changing your ICD FW to something other than what you’re presently running. Only download this driver. A bunch of them are in red: CCS does not monitor this forum on a regular basis.


As for the pin test using the CCS software, I did not properly test the inputs Tue Jul 25, 2: Same with tying the pin to 3. I might cut it in one of my rage bursts if the debugger needs restarting.

ICD-U64 In-Circuit Programmer/Debugger

I think the situation now is like you describe Ttelmah icd-u6 the debugger works but will occasionally lose comm. Default is for it NOT to power the circuit.

Nuremberg, Germany Feb 26 – Feb Although it might not be pinned on the top iccd-u64 the forum Still waiting to hear if someone got the 16F to work with one of CCS’s debuggers?? When I did this, programming started to work magically without touching the hardware.

Jul 3 3: It has always been like this though But then again, overall, programming fails at the end.