At this point, I’m pretty sure they won’t replace it. I too experienced the same problems with my three year old Presario V It’s a common problem. Now the wireless module is dead too. The guy said it has, but he probably wasnt telling me the truth. February 27th, 2.

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Compaq Presario V6000 Series WiFi Wireless Card 407159-001

They also cleaned the laptop making it look brand new again! I don’t know much about wifi cards, so will any wifi card “fix” the laptop so it recognizes the Internet connection? Worked great for about 2 months, started failing again. No wireless on Compaq Presario V Appending a post at the end wirelesss a solved thread about a different machine might not yield the best results.

How to Enable HP Presario Wireless |

I had to install a lot of updates for vista as it seemed it hadnt been updated since purchase. Message 6 of 8. It will arrive this week and when it’s over I’ll share the results.

Now my WIFI works!!


The results are in. If that’s the case, in my opinion, you should consider purchasing a USB wireless adapter which would be cheaper than repairing the parts or having a technician repair it for you. I gave up on our computer after messing with hp without any success until I read your post.

Even in Vista it works for me to go back to when it worked. This problem has been reported by lots of people. It didnt help that I was reading all over the place on the net that this was a hardware problem for these presraio.

If it does, use the drop down to enable the device. Message 4 of 8. Stays red the whole time. I have the same computer and this morning, the same problem. We are well past your preeario laptop lifespan so we’ll be installing a Wifi PC-Card.

I bought an old Compaq Presario V just to try it out, but wireless the wireless network doesnt seem to be working. February 27th, 1.

Ruri Ranbe has been working as a writer since Hope this helps a few of you out. So it would be very much appreciated if any one could help me out. HP has extended the warranty on certain model numbers and will do a free repair. I was fixing my friends V and the wireless seemed to be working fine when I first got it.


Nor is my notebook under warranty I think I purchased it 4 years ago.

Compaq Presario V Series WiFi Wireless Card | eBay

However I’ve seen it where the reinstall of the OS doesn’t fix it. February 28th, 6. She received an A. Compaq Presario V fix. Battery went down after 1 week. February 28th, 8. I’m dealing with my neighbor on a V model. Mine just turned Red or Amber. It’s a common problem. If your problem is solved or question answered by my post, wirreless click the Accepted Solution button in that post.