Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Great camera. About average results overall, though. For the same price as its predecessor you get a lot more camera, better photos, and burst shooting capable of up to 10 frames per second, among other performance gains. Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Easy to use quality camera As a novice photographer, I have found the controls to be intuitive and easy to navigate, requiring minimal reference to the manual on CD. Extinction of the pattern occurred at around 2, lines per picture height. The Backlighting mode offers an in-camera high dynamic range HDR function, merging several images of the same scene to achieve a single image with a broad range of tonal detail. A first class pocket or purse camera.

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Nikon Coolpix S The S also is something of a speed demon when it comes to focusing on your subject.

Nikon COOLPIX S MP Digital Camera – Red | eBay

There are 17 scene modes to choose from, including the clever Scene Auto Selector, which automatically recognizes the scene in your picture from 6 presets Portrait, Landscape, Night Portrait, Night Landscape, Closeup and Backlight and adjusts the camera settings accordingly. The standard continuous mode offer around 1.

I am very disappointed with that. You can also capture still cooolpix while recording a video with a press of the shutter button.

Nikon COOLPIX S8100 12.1MP Digital Camera – Red

Again it’s very straightforward with no swipes or taps. H gives you 10 frames per second, L is 26 frames at 1. Since this is a point-and-shoot, not a DSLR or even an advanced digicam like the Coolpix P, controls are very basic, typical of an aim-and-forget digicam.


These are handled automatically when you choose a specific Scene mode. You can also now use the 10x optical zoom lens during recording, complete with the optical vibration reduction system, also its painfully slow in operation, presumably to avoid recording the noise of the zoom mechanism.

Indoors, the camera does reasonably well considering the megapixel resolution and long zoom; and the Nikon S even has HDR modes to deal with difficult lighting situations. Speaking of the battery, Nikon does not supply a dedicated charger. One of the great things about this camera is the simple fact you can easily tote it around without the bulk of a full-blown DSLR rig. Since this isHD video is a given for a quality digicam.

Nikon D D In general, the Night Landscape mode is successful, though at full size you will see chroma noise. Best Digital Cameras for Most relevant reviews See all 92 reviews. Visit manufacturer site for details. The Nikon digital camera has a smile timing sensor to automatically capture a picture when your subject smiles. Images NOT as sharp as day time shots without flash.

Nikon Coolpix S8100

Other controls collpix the rear are the ones you’d expect to see unless you’ve lived in a cave since President Reagan was in office. Possibly that Reagan-era shutterbug who just woke up might need it, but that’s about it.

S vs IS. Your main control is the Zoom toggle switch surrounding the shutter button. Overall color is good, though strong reds, greens and blues are pumped a little high, and bright yellows are actually slightly muted.

D-Lighting is a long-standing Nikon technology that brightens the shadow areas of an image, and on the S it can be applied to an image after it has been taken. The dial has rather limited choices as we’ll detail shortly–just realize there are no PASM options; in fact major manual adjustments are nowhere to be found on this camera beyond EV, white balance, and ISO.


Bears and photographers start stirring when the weather warms up from the dead of winter. The Nikon Coolpix S’s Macro mode captures good detail at the center of the frame, though both blurring and strong chromatic aberration encroach far into the image area a common limitation among consumer digital cameras in Macro mode.

We’re in the iPad era, and Nikon’s linear menus seem decidedly 20th Century. Secondly not many cameras vs. For the money this s8010 camera is great to have on hand because it takes really nice pics. Enhanced shooting and editing functions include a new Mode Dial conveniently placed next to the shutter-release button for quick and easy access to shooting modes, the Creative Slider which simplifies adjusting brightnesssaturation and color tone in-camera, Quick Retouch, and D-Lighting, giving users the ability to adjust their images during playback.

Start-up time is almost instant, with the camera ready to go in less than half a second.