The various media adapters can be plugged and unplugged with impunity at any time the Super Coolscan ED isn’t actually scanning, and the scanner and driver software automatically recognize which adapter is currently in use. The first problem I had with the scanner was, when the the SF jammed, the software would also lock up. After scanning the thumbnail previews, select those needing adjustment, and set the scanning parameters as you normally would. I’m thinking it will probably be a dirty mirror. I use this to scan 35mm slides for digital prints up to 13×19″ so I use the full ppi capability.

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This item has bad coolsacn that may or may not be repairable. This LCH control is unique among the scanners we have tested to date April,apart from the prior generation of Nikon scanners, and appears to be an exceptionally powerful tool, albeit one that could require a bit of learning to use to its full effectiveness.

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NO manual retouching was done! Once you’ve selected the area you want, you can set its size by simply typing in the desired final width or height into the appropriate box under “Keep this Output Size,” and the Scale slider will respond as needed.

After scanning the thumbnail previews, select those needing adjustment, and set the scanning parameters as you normally would. Both of this are indicative of the main stepper motor failure. See questions and answers. Analog Gain Control Underexposed slides or dense negatives are a challenge for any film scanner. To be sure, film grain is more evident at a full dpi, but in examining the resulting image files, it’s clear that there’s also noticeably more image detail present as well.

By giving the application more data to work with, fairly radical tonal shifts can be made, without the severe “posterizing” of the image that can occur with 8-bit data.


If you coolscann a problem and decide to troubleshoot it yourself, hopefully these notes may help you. I downloaded the demo version of your SilverFast Ai Studio 8 suite and it took me a few hours to figure out how to navigate the product. Coolecan Software This high-quality scanner deserves a particularly high-quality software. We didn’t have any suitably faded negatives to experiment with ROC on. My personal preference is Nikon Scan 4, and installation is easy.

However, if you wanna archive what you have and be completely confident that the color, sharpness and clarity of the image will be saved practically forever, then I coolscqn of no better device to do it on.

Analog Gain As described earlier, the analog gain settings actually control the brightness of the Coolscwn that illuminate the film. By just about every measure resolution, image sharpness, dynamic range, features, or accessoriesthe Super Coolscan raises the bar for desktop scanners.

Discontinued – Super COOLSCAN LS ED – Nikon Singapore Pte Ltd

The strip film holder is only needed when the MA slide adapter is used for film strips. It took a fair bit of back-and-forth wrestling with the software lls-4000 user interface before we finally managed to do a batch scan of a strip of negatives. Nikon told me ship it to them again. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.

As you can see from the samples above, though click on the image for a full-sized lss-4000it appears to do a pretty good job.

Nikon said that was a hardware problem, send in the feeder and scanner both. If the mirror and power supply are OK, then consider the sequence of the self-tests that the coolscqn goes through upon power-up: At any given resolution level, it produces a slight softness in the image relative to an unadjusted scan, but the overall result is incredible.


This will select multiple thumbnails without deselecting those you’ve already chosen. At the time, the LS the unit’s model number represented the state-of-the-art in desktop film scanning, and large numbers were sold to photo enthusiasts and pro photographers lz-4000. This was so amazing, we had to try it ourselves, so we deliberately damaged a negative and smudged it with fingerprints and dirt.

LS 4000ED / Super Coolscan 4000ED

Overall, I am very happy with the scanner. Here’s what they all are: A warning about the SF adapter from the former Nikon tech forum though: It’s hard for those people with photography background to chuck away your old negatives but when properly scanned, it gave me the complete confidence that once the files were in the permanence of digital file saved onto CD or DVD then they were every bit as good as the original negatives.

If you see the power light flashing rapidly during the start up sequence, you can try to determine at which stage it happens and then try to see if you can identify the problem. At other times, however, we were just manipulating the curves and controls to achieve a particular color balance, and the process seemed to take quite a bit longer than should have been necessary.

Teams seamlessly with VueScan and my Mac running High Sierra to correct color and exposure values from some old slides in bad condition.