Yep, Bernie, that’s interesting to note. The point is, they did not include it with the updater as I blogged about at the time in this blog entry. Want to validate the html in this page? Applications can then look up the data source on the JNDI tree and request a connection. Wikibooks has a book on the topic of:

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You will need to make the following adaptations where appropriate when using DataDirect documentation: WebLogic-branded DataDirect drivers are installed by default when you perform a complete installation of WebLogic Server.

Powered by Progress Sitefinity. But I have to test this thoroughly since CF8 might not support this version. WebLogic Server provides a sample security policy file that you can edit and use.

Introduced in SQL ServerAlways On Availability Groups is a replica-database environment that provides a high-level of data availability, protection, and recovery. These statements do not return any other information. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog. Related Articles Build, buy or configure?

Charlie Arehart Related Categories: Khalil, I’m afraid I do not know the answer there. For some, more compelling still is the new driver-based failoverto have the driver detect a connection failure and switch communications to another DB instance much like CF 8 Enterprise added the ability to do the same with mail server configuration in CF.


Tue May 08, 7: New from GCN Computing steps closer to the network’s edge.

We keep our SSL version upto date. Review our privacy policy. Some have heard that Adobe’s working on an updater for CF 9 mentioned publicly at cf.

Data is retrieved from the database using a database query mechanism.

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Want to validate the html xql this page? Performance Tuning Progress DataDirect management of packet-based network communication provides unsurpassed packet transport, network round trips and data buffering optimization.

Wikibooks has a ratadirect on the topic of: For additional information on this scoring system, refer to https: How do you get it? If this option is unchecked, the drivers are not installed.

Tue Nov 18, I also wonder about Progress Software Data Direct.

Improving IS performance with DataDirect JDBC drivers type 5

I was so excited to see it run on CF and see that it could be a real option for us moving forwar If you use the weblogic.


Managed Hosting Services provided by. Additionally, stored procedures may be invoked through a JDBC connection. Using WebLogic-branded DataDirect drivers with the Java Security Manager enabled requires certain permissions to be set in the security policy file of the domain. This does not fit into the classification scheme above, although it would likely resemble either a type 2 or type 4 driver depending on whether the database itself is implemented in Java or not. A product specialist will be glad hass get in touch with you.

Java Database Connectivity – Wikipedia

Sign up for our newsletter. Finally, I’ll point out another useful page on their site, not new to the Type 5 drivers, but a helpful list of performance tips.

Connection properties vary by DBMS. However the jars are bundled the way to complicate this effort enormously for the internal functionality, probably for the purpose of preventing exactly those efforts.