Highlight it with space, then hit return. How to apply color correction using the Gradie Most of the reason for this problem is because the nv Free driver for Xorg does not support some of the newer nVidia cards. If you’re using the ir-kbd-i2c route, you’ll need to modify the file to match your buttons. After this, when browsing channels in LiveTV, you should see the icons indicating what channel you’re currently watching.

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Quantity Out of stock. They wouldnt activate a box they didnt sell period. My old setup was just a tower case that sat next to the entertainment center. I’ll go ahead and subscribe to this thread just to track it. Let me know if I can be of some dcr and please keep us posted.

Rock solid, and very reliable. It seemed like I was going to stay with this setup for a while even though the HDTV didn’t really work. How to record anything on your screen using th If someone knows which of the below you need for IEEE tuning and what you need for ch to change channels, let me know and I’ll update it. Fortunately, Ubuntu released that this was going to be a common task and made it simple.

Adding the catalog if it’s not in the inf file, and creating a catalog file using inf2cat Signing the catalog with the test certificate then installing the driver with the machine booted with the testsigning mode on.

I just updated the formatting on the first post to make it easier to track my progress and to help highlight what I’m trying to do. Your other option is to use the box to tune SDTV digital cable, which won’t come out of the firewire port, but you can still change channels over the firewire connection.


Generic speakers – one of these days I should really update this system to a nice surround sound environment, my motherboard supports 7. Managed to communicate with the device to open a stream, though a lot of properties of the stream were guessed. You can also download my my complete gamelist. Ready to compile more drivers?

XvMC [-] XvMC is short for XVideo Motion Compensation – using this technology it is possible to offload a large amount of the work in processing movies to the graphics card, unfortunately it still is rather hit and miss. Products may require additional configuration before being able to control the receiver.

Started working on reading from the stream, but I’m getting more generic failure code responses from the lower level drivers, and I’m having to do more disassembly to determine what the problem is. You can chose to hide or reveal various portions of the document by clicking on the section headers. Second, I will build a higher level driver, perhaps as a second entity that supports the standard tuner interface for windows and allows the STB to be used natively by Media Center or other Media suites.

Next, tell LIRC not to load the lircmd driver – it’s only necessary if we wanted to emulate mouse movements with the remote control, which we don’t. Because the kernel debugging completely takes over the firewire controller for debugging use, no devices could be used with it, so I had to buy an expansion card firewire controller so I could have two controllers, one for debug, the other for connecting to the STB.


The first thing to know is that just because your cable box is perfectly willing to show you TNT-HD and Discovery-HD, that doesn’t mean your cable company is willing to let you get them on your tuner card.

So help a brotha out. Hopefully this guide 2600 clear up a few of the nasty hurdles related to getting MythTV working on Athlon64s and Ubuntu.

Motorola DCT6200 TV Receiver

While MythTV will run on almost any hardware, it never hurts to make sure you get the good stuff. Basically streams are provided from a low level, maybe a device or the filesystem, and filters are used to expose 6200 streams and perform operations on them, such as combining an audio and video stream, or encoding a stream from one format to another.

Add your own review. I wanted a cool system that didn’t make a huge dent on my power bill. Follow those steps, then you’ll probably want to restart your computer.

MythTV, Ubuntu, Athlon64, WinTVPVR, Comcast Digital Cable, and a pcHDTV HD in a pear tree!

Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Singapore dollars and are approximate conversions to Singapore dollars based upon Bloomberg’s conversion rates. Ubuntu, being based on Debian, uses the apt utility to handle package dependencies and automatically download required packages. You can install it by 46bit this command: