Low Pressure Blower a diaphragm, positive displacement type pump that normally compresses air, but will move water without damage. The short end of the power cable terminates into one-half of a Dean’s connector that makes up to the Lithium-polymer battery. Think, Plan-9 From Outer Space. She told me that she could punch it all out on a computer. So, I modified the mock-up control surfaces with properly located foundations to accept the control surface operating shafts. The rudder operating shafts have machined flats, insuring non-slip alignment between the two rudders when made up to the yoke.

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The nest assembly must first be assembled, CA’ed within the forward hull piece, and only then can the skipjavk hull piece be glued to the upper hull half.

That is the point of flooding should the induction line flood out and the safety float-valve not function properly. How many of you stuck a motor in this 13″ model and saw it chase across the pool only to smash into the other side with a sickening ‘crunch’? I paused a moment to reflect.

As you can see, the two hull quarters are mounted on a flat board to insure that their edges fall along the same plane. I just don’t have enough experience with submarines to know the answer.

The flats at the outboard ends of the stern planes, the top of the upper rudder around the anchor-light, the safety-track running atop the upper hull and the near right-angle union between the horizontal stabilizers and hull require careful, precise sanding with a stiff, but thin sanding tool.

OK, truth in advertising time: These will pass the machine screws that hold the sail assembly down onto the upper hull. We’re looking at the underside of the aluminum motor bulkhead device tray.


All unions — from the head-valve down to the motor-bulkhead nipple — have to be tight or they become water entry skipjacj, resulting in flooding of the induction line.

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Is an even distribution of force applied throughout the flange area of the two tool halves during the shot flash? Any misalignment between the two hull halves during assembly of the quarters, and you would suffer unsightly open seams between the halves.

Posts containing adult material will be deleted. Apprentice level, but adequate to my needs. These masters, along de the others, would be de-greased, cleaned up, pickled, if metalprimed, then skipjzck to make rubber production tools.


However, should the snorkel head-valve be shut underwater the LPB will scavenge air from within the SD, enough to displace a significant fraction of the ballast tanks water before pump back-pressure dropped pressure within the SD is enough to distort the pumps flexible bellows skkpjack the point where they no longer can push air into the discharge line. This is when you make use of your well-trained eyes and good old computer number-one.

Ellie’s a little five-foot Filipino type, so the model appears larger than in real life. Thank you for that information Tom, although your comments on Scorpion’s sail color leaves me a tad confused.

Through its pushrod this servo operates the models stern planes. The soldering needed is to make up the four devices to skijpack common plug that makes up to the battery power cable. The WFly-8 transmitter is what you need.

Both for scale looks and flutter avoidance.

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I mixed in a little hardener, poured and pushed the stuff into the stern areas and waited for the filler to cure. Any number of ways to accurately mark off a radial line on a tapered body-of-revolution.


To the outboard side of the hull I will bevel these holes with a counter-sink bit to accept the flat-head screws that secure both the shock-absorber and strap foundation. It would permit me to accurately lay down radial lines, longitudinal lines, and to loft directly off a scale drawing of the SKIPJACK engraved line locations. Here you go, folks! I’ve omitted the servo actuated ballast tank vent valve for clarity. The only thing he said was, “Too small.

Before running through the screw fasteners through the bottom of the hull — to make mast the SD shock-absorber and strap foundation — I beveled the outside of the holes to counter-sink the flat-head screws. The Sub-driver SD is a complicated system that is much easier to comprehend if you study the mechanisms and devices which make up the three major SD sub-systems: To the left is a propeller casting with the excess sprue cut off on the band saw.

Once I ran the securing screws through the hull and foundation of the SD shock-absorber I ran down the nuts and tightened them. From this point, to improve the clarity of the discussion, I’m going to refer to the fittings kit parts by both the noun-name and letter identifier pictured soipjack part-4 of this Cabal Report. Most users ever online was at