I have been making purchases from them for approx. I might add that systems are not newegg’s strength. IMO it is OK to say where you bought it. Have u try to test it in another system? This is the normal configuration for this PC. Be sure to perform that operation with power unplugged.

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Have you tried the gx20 in a different USB port? Use Question Form such as ” Why? There are no error beeps on startup.

The service at del is superior. Net Forums General Hardware General. Now that you mentioned your just purchased the computer as re-certified you must either have a return option of at least some warranty.

This computer was just purchased re-certified from a major online retailer of computers whom I am sure we are all familiar with. Strike F1 to continue, F2 to run setup utility. However, they come with a clean install, of the OS.

Thousands of users waiting to help! I have already obtained an RAbut was hoping to save myself the trouble of shipping it back keyhoard waiting for replacement though, that is what I may end up doing.


Net and its accuracy. They are usually less costly than tiger especially with all the free shipping lately. Actually may be helpful to someone in the future. I can not be certain that this had any effect as there is no jumper kdyboard reset the BIOS settings. You have three options: Yes No I don’t have a dog. Rather I purchase these keyboafd specific projects.

If the original purchaser doesn’t disclose the condition it may not be discovered. Just make sure the buttons are all fine no stuck buttons. If you also heard a burst of three beeps followed by two beeps followed by four beeps, it means Keyboard Controller test failure.

Thanks again dsll happy New Year to all!

Dell OPTIPLEX GX620 Keyboard Failure

Anyway, at this point i will just send the PC back and try another. IMO it is OK to say where you bought it. I have tried all of the obvious solutions try another keyboard, try kb on another PC, etc. I have been making purchases from them for kehboard. Frankly, I don’t think tiger or any other vendor wants to invest the time gx6220 thoroughly check out a product like a computer.


Be sure to perform that operation with power unplugged. Net is the opinions of its users.

Look for two bare pins labeled clrcmos or similar. I have and that is why I ordered from tigerdirect. Insofar as the re-certification process, I agree that all of these machines can not be thoroughly inspected. Thanks in advance for any help that may be provided. At least at this sight I was actually able to find someone who knew what they were talking about OtheHillunlike the other forums i have tried.

I think that is the way everywhere so it isn’t necessarily a black mark against tiger. If so, what could have happened to the keyboard controller or MB from the time the OS was installed and I got the machine.