Dell’s covers the E with a basic three year, next business day, on site warranty. This is a taxing test, and the E gave an above average result of minutes. There’s no dial-up modem, but we’re not sure if anyone will miss it. The geometrical layout and the, in general, very straight design extends itself like a red line throughout the Dell Latitude and the Dell Precision series. Now they are positioned on the front edge near the keyboard, so that the user can listen to the low sound without any bass emerging from the two slits in which the speakers are hidden. One of them is a 3-cell battery with a capacity of 30 Wh and the other is a bigger 6-cell battery with a maximum capacity of 56 Wh. Dynamic Video Memory Technology 5.

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The quality of the internal speaker has also changed, and sadly, now, they are not that good. Dell also offers a cheaper ysb for SMBs, the Vostro range.

Our test sample used the somewhat bigger 6-cell battery, which, however, sticks out of the back of the laptop very clearly due to its size. The keyboard has been, in comparison to the This has also been proven by the benchmark tests in which they were evaluated. Best tablets and accessories for Christmas gifts: The dimmest screen levels are great for indoor viewing and low light conditions, and it was amazing to see that the screen was quite readable in bright outdoor environments when the screen was set to maximum brightness.

What we like most about the Dell Latitude E are its speed and its build quality. However, the latter does not feel as good as the TrackPoint that can be found on Lenovo laptops such as the Xe ; the ‘eraser head’ that Dell has used is not tactile and the pointer is a little too sensitive. Above all it is a laptop which suits both the needs of those immersed in business and private buyerswho are ready to dig deeper into their pockets to pay for the professional quality clearly offered by the laptop.


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Dell will, however, offer by the end of an advanced version of the software under the name of Latitude ON-Writer, which would allow the user to edit files, open a connection to the internet, and go online.

After equipping more than 3 GB to the laptop, it is recommended that the buyer use a bit operating system. Build quality is above average, and quite frankly the construction vell ver solid.

The notebook itself has a small LCD bezel and a tightly uab chassis design, so not only is the notebook rather thin it also presents the smallest footprint that is possible for a You can use this notebook for creating elaborate office documents, image editing, and even chopping up and rendering videos. We reviewed a lot of laptops in The lights latitide stay switched on permanently; even though there are settings for ‘on’ and ‘auto’, they seemed to behave identically.

Dell Latitude E4300

However, as the name Latitude ON-Reader already suggests, it is not possible to write, or otherwise edit, any of the mails or other files. The Latitude E is therefore a useful companion on trips and for everyday mobile use outdoors.

In this test, the chips performed, in the single and the multi core rendering test, just as well as the T CPU in the E3400 M It sounds tinny, there is absolutely no bass, and latktude the higher ends of the volume range it sounds muddled. It also features “Latitude On”, which is accessed by a small button next to the power button on the top right-hand side.


Additionally, in the office or at home, the Latitude laptop can be connected with a cable over its Gigabit Ethernet port to a network near it. In our test, however, the Touchpad turned out to be a bit troublesome as there were slight delays.

Dell Latitude E4300 – 13.3″

One might extrapolate from this that the dual 6-cell configuration would give up to minutes of battery life, which is an absurdly massive amount.

Funny metaphors aside, the Latitude series are nicely designed laptops.

The E defined a new level of poor. Having two sets of mouse buttons is a plus, as is the third mouse button found on the upper row of touchpad buttons. Loudspeakers As the case was made smaller, the integrated loudspeakers had to be moved. It might not be much, but if you leave your notebook off for an extended period of time, you might find that the power capacity is reduced a little bit.

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The keyboard is well supported on the Latitude E, and there is very little flex to be found so even violent typers should find themselves at ease with how sturdy the keyboard feels. Laptops by Justin Jaffe 10 days ago.

Which is great, but again reflects the absolutely premium price of the Latitude line. Dell’s Latitude E is a For additional connections, the docking port needs to be attached to the bottom of the laptop.

Laptops by Joshua Goldman Dec 12,