Skip to main content. And how do we do that on a single-boot Ubuntu machine or even a computer running legacy Windows, like XP? Here are the steps:. Check your BIOS version again: I chose to make one on my Ubuntu machine, using a copy of Windows 7 running in VirtualBox, adapting the instructions for making a rescue disk from this web site. Thanks for your help.

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The Arch wiki has great information with several additional options. Windows 8 Windows 8. Dell has latitudw very nifty utility to download and apply latest BIOS to their computers that are using Linux. Don’t upgrade the BIOS unless required by a device or the operating system. Looking for a recovery disk for Dell?


Wed Jun 17, 1: Enter the login password of an administrative account. Choose to boot from FreeDOS in the floppy images menu.

Tue Jun 02, Having now checked out the OMSA offering, I find that there is no Ubuntu support at time of writing, and support of other distros is not reliable. You need information about your computer’s hardware when querying the manufacturer’s website. Run the installer Example when running the A14 update for the E machine.


Put the downloaded BIOS upgrade. This is in spite of anything it may say on the download page about being compatible with earlier versions of Windows; using any legacy DOS-type environment the.

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A couple things not mentioned here that I had to figure out: Here are the steps:. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or Server versions. Before accessing the recovery partition, you can check if your computer from Dell is going to boot with Secure Boot enabled or not.

Unable to locate package pci-firmware-ven-0x14e4-dev-0xsubven-0xsubdev-0xf E: On newer machines, post I believe, you can simply put the. I have an old Dell desktop Dimension E circa running Ubuntu.

Delll that was the first thing I tried when I was doing this. More features The following features are also available in Easy Recovery Essentials:. I got the image file [ FreeDOS This thread is locked.

Windows Vista users can access the recovery partition created by Dell by following these instructions:. The Backup files option.


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Tried with Windows repair 8 disk but got “subsystem does not support”, etc Sorry this didn’t help. The Windows registry modification suggested elsewhere was not helpful.

Read more at Windows Recovery Disks.

Select all available checkboxes to backup all types of files. This answer worked great all the laitude through on the first try and the very quick USB bootable is great to have on hand anyway.

Flyk 1, 3 16 It should theoretically run without any problems and you can run it in Ubuntu. If your PC did not come with a Windows installation disc or if you no longer have your Windows setup media, you can neetwork Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows instead.