Sometimes restarting helps, sometimes not. I can see the printer in the Bonjour protocol, I can succesfully ping the printer. I selected it and have had no problems since. I’ve always had them with no problems. This morning my printer was undetectable again.

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Minimum Ink Droplet Size. Mar 4, 1: Sometimes I can print multiple times, sometimes one and done. I purchased an Epson Stylus NX printer with wireless capability.

Can’t print wirelessly with Epson Stylus … – Apple Community

US No 10 4. If there is no response to each ping then you n530 a network configuration issue. Any advice with this would be really appreciated. When I reinstalled the printer it began to work with no problems. From what I’m reading on this supprt forum it seems that many different makes of wireless printers have this problem with the Lion OS.

It exists on the Network as-is. John Galt is quite right. Printers by Rick Broida Oct 16, Is there anything else I am missing? In this case, please prinrer the IP address, subnet mask and gateway address aks router of the Mac and the printer. If permitted by its setup instructions, disconnect the USB cable when you initially set up the printer.


Connections Operating System Support. I’ve always had them with no problems.

I pinged it and looked in the Bonjour bookmark and shylus was there. Until I read all the different threads I was intending to exchange my printer but it seems that may not fix the problem.

I’m ondering if this is the case or is it something I’m doing wrong? I have what is probably a stupid question – why do you say not to get an HP?

If you then enter the IP address of the Epson, which you can find from the Epson display or by printing a network configuration page from the Epson, and then press the Ping button you should get a response to each Ping packet that nx5530 sent. Oct 17, 6: I have another issue too.

I can see the printer in the Bonjour protocol, I can succesfully ping the printer. If I want to print again later in the day, I need to restart my laptop. I reallydon’t understand what is going on.


Epson Stylus NX530 All-in-One Printer

Feb 20, I may have mispoke when I said I simply reninsalled the driver. I recently got a Macbook Pro and upgraded our printer to a wireless HP one.

That part bothers me a little. That printer will be available to any computer on your wireless network and ought to work great.

Is my wirelss router considered my “network? PC Connectivity Connection Availability. It would appear you answered your own question Mary: I then shut down my computer to be safe. As prniter have gotten it to work, having deleted it from the computer, maybe the act of sharing it out caused confusion in the network.