Saved tracklogs cannot be uploaded to openstreetmap. I have the very same problem with a Garmin eTrex Vista Hcx. There is a trick you can try to update it. In reality this is not so short – 10 data points is about km of cycling with “most often” sampling, but see above for trace recording options. It has colour display, supports loadable maps and runs on 2 AA elements.

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Also opening the device is done by carefully removing the gum around the device begin at the bottomthe tape beyond that and finally pressing it a bit together to release the clips holding it. My unit is out of warrantee.

Garmin/eTrex Vista HCx

Connect the device with a USB cable and issue:. The resistor could be etrrex soldered on the board or inserted into a specially built cable which then must not be used with other devices.

If logging is set to one second, clean up the excess and trash points before uploading the traces. With that kind of investment and the chance visfa additional costs shipping and parts and other laborit may be best to break down and upgrade to an eTrex Length is limited to 10 data points.


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Connecting to Garmin Etrex Vista Hcx GPS unit | GeoNet

Today I managed to “bring it back to life”. While Vista is turned off, hold the joystick up.

Just one more thing. I will provide some values for the resistance tommorow.

Note that the files are saved to the root card directory and there appears to be a limit of files and directories. The Vista HCx has the best readable screen alongside with other color etrex h series of all Garmin units, when viewed under direct sunlight. Any experience with what they really charge after they fix things?

Updates & Downloads

Anything I can do to fix it without sending it to Garmin? I would probably use it as an excuse to buy a new model: Apparently a resistor part of the usb power supply circle is defect, which causes the device to be shut off, when connected to a USB power source or a normal USB-Port either. This is the way forums should work.

Thanks for the timely feedback. When hiking I don’t need it. Another friend will lend he a pair of Ts Garmin Discontinued GPS unit. I use this primarily for trail and cross country ysb in the deserts and mountains after creating tracks and waypoints on the computer Note that this only downloads current log, not the saved ones. You say it ‘shuts down every time you plug it in’, on my old Etrex I tended to plug it in then switch it on I don’t think this will work.


Using lithium cells you should get over 40 hours, however at a hefty pricepoint for the lithium cells. Navigation menu Personal tools English Create account Log in. Where is this resistor in the device?

Download the vista software from here: Have you tried to update reinstall the vista software via WebUpdater? As far as updating through WebUpdater, Sign In or Register to comment. No changelog appears to be available.

Mainly seems to trouble the geocaching community, various threads on it here: Note that map name –mapname option should not exceed 8 characters, otherwise the map will be silently ignored.