The supergps website seems to list the black version with stock arriving the same day as the white version 22nd. I have one in the mail, from dyna, and hope it will be as useful as the Libretto has been all these years. Few people do anything, especially on their mobile computers, that hits the worst case scenario. Before I get all excited, I better say up front that the info here is mostly from Raon Digitals marketing group. Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium , 7. I just has a quick look on the toshiba site a 1. I am also one of those folks who wants to buy the Everun Note, in spite of its shortcomings.

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This Note is indeed the first acceptable tiny PC since the Libretto. Raon Digital Everun Note price guide spot-check pricing.

Not one of my friends or colleagues who has seen it calls it huge, but compared to the 50, I suppose it is. As it stands, this is looking very good as a gaming UMPC. Viliv X70 EX7.

The most interesting is a set of Crystal Mark test results that are showing stunning processing performances figures that are way faster than anything on the ultra mobile PC and netbook market. My replacement arrived by 10am. I feel cramped on a inch Netbook, so I just don’t see myself doing much multitasking or Photoshop work on a 7-inch model.

Everun Note

Also, where are you based and how did the shipping get dealt with? These enhancements can be on a special power version, but it would sure offer a vast leap over the existing offerings. The chipset would still be weaker though and dualcores are only planned for nettops.


One finds it difficult to imagine that all this power can be contained within such a small casing without either a big and loud fan or a melting keyboard but I can put your worries to rest on those to points, Ron Digital have done an an amazing thermal engineering job and the device stays cool and quiet in most normal operations. The U is crap, hot, noisy and huge, who wants it sverun beyond me. ASUS R70a7.

Raon Everun Note: Dual-core, touch-screen Netbook – CNET

I have not seen yet a battery life number coming from a OEM close to the reality. Expect it to play older games though, spore may play on low settings though. Lazion have some more pics of the device up which show the battery compartment. The crystalmark for the everun note is much bote than the sony vaio tz with core 2 duo 1. I just has a quick look on the toshiba site a 1. The touchscreen is an alternative to the mouse pointer.

I think, possibly, maybe, that if it had the display of the SC3 but not the keyboard that this would indeed be the ultimate crossover device. Dual capacitative touchscreens and some well-integrated keyboard software make this a very interesting choice in the UMPC sector.

Raon Digital’s tiny Everun Note reviewed

The wifi does see the network but no luck it getting it to handshake. TDP is a measure of worst case scenario power.

I got this one from supergps and was informed that this batch would not be affected but my one clearly is. But i still think this not a good cpu for a sweet little thing like this is. As evidenced here by his adoring the new and keeping quiet on those bits of history that could improve the new. I have one in the mail, from dyna, and hope it will be as useful as the Libretto has been all these years.



Raon Digital Everun Note D24S & S16S video demo – SlashGear

D The chipset should be X? Thanks a lot for help. The underside of the Everun Note does not get anywhere near as hot as my faulty unit did and the fan pitch sounds as it should i.

The issues I was getting were garbled text at boot up and blue screen crashes that mentioned ati2dvag infinite loop.

More models will become available locally. The power brick for it is pretty large at hote glance — weighs another g without the uk plug which was also supplied to my surprise so expect to be carrying about a kilo around with you in total. We think the size is jsut about right for the jack-of-all-trades target use.

Well this has magically resolved this evening, and I can now get across the screen in just ovr two strokes, which is perfect — the device works lke a dream.