Well when I say back up that would be a full image backup everything on the drives, kinda like a mirror image and a incremental back up just whats changed The last time I lost a raid drive was my own fault , darn torrents , and the last time i had a drive die was maybe 8 years ago on a quantum fireball 20Gig. As far reliable who knows, ssd drives have really only been around a short while but basically there a larger usb flash drive. When loaded it will ask you how you wish to set up the drives. Okay I’ve been googling like crazy and making lots of forum posts all over the web but can’t seem to find an answer. If you feel like it’s worth the cost, then that’s up to you. What am I missing here? But, that’s just me.

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Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? You’re on the right path. Okay I’ve been googling like crazy and making lots of forum posts all over the web but can’t seem to find an answer.

I’ll also keep my gb Raptor for games. Thanks to a helpful link from a different thread though, I might get it working.

Does the i FTW RAID on-board controller parse RAID 1 reads? – EVGA Forums

View More Photo Galleries. Might be worth looking into. Dante New Member Total Posts: Intel is trust and it comes with the bay adapter, I can’t go wrong. Efga hope it’s quite close. Anyone know the exact bottleneck in raid 0 for the i? VistaHead just posted in another thread that I’m following, so I know he’s active in the forums.


Stripe size is up to you as different people will tell you different sizes are best. I’m buying it today and also a 1TB Caviar Black just for storage. IDE Chanel 0 Master: I have the Intel SSD on my i Ultra, make sure you get at least the SSD and not the 80GB as intel released a new firmware that give performance increase on the GB model it’s to do with the number of chip banks also intel have daid new release of their utility which does the TRIM instead of windows which helps on the Nvidia chipset Forums Posts Latest Posts.

So I will have to wait until after I get the proper identical drives 7790i. Essentials Only Full Version.

I dont want to install windows on them, simply add them to my system. I also noticed that the OCZ product page for that model has a list of tested motherboards. Melampus Superclocked Member Total Posts: Intel SSD retail version has it.


How can I change my array from span to stripe? For Intel processors, 0. I’m not sure if the issue of recovering data if one drive dies is the same as if it were RAID 0.

EVGA – EVGA nForce i Ultra SLI Motherboard – EVGA nForce i Ultra SLI Motherboard

If nforce 7 bottlenecks with two drives I’ll just do it that way. Typically you want to RADI similarly sized drives. That’s really good news, cause I knew 2.

7790i D to delete that array. You can RAID and span as well. I know that it’s not the case everytime, but It’s not as reliable as running just one drive, right??


Those WD black drives are pretty darn quick as they are and there cheap too, so you could get a pair and stick them in a raid 0 config for close to ssd speed. And yes, platforms with 7xx chipset’s have’t got sata 3, but only 2. Sata 2 max is 3. If you do not have the option, you may need to load the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver.