The market share of those industry is given in the next page: But in big programs like inter school football championship if the authority choose our product for their players than we will serve and transport the product directly to the authority. But it has not got that much response from the market which is a concern for our proposed product. Thelocal companies are competing with global brands on the basis of lower cost. One is we can sell our product and other thing is there will be effective advertisement of our product by doing this. If this trends continue then the market will expand more which will be profitable or our product. Red Bull Air Race Facebook.

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Red Bull Editions – Try these tastes :: Energy Drink Editions :: Red Bull USA

They always try to experience something new. In marketing, positioning is the procedure by which marketers try to create an image or identity in the minds of the consumers about their pruduct. Partex Beverage Mum 2. Necessary Customization of the Product: There are other 82 countries of the world where Pran Products are regularly being exported. Bexco Concern Frutika 3. Where there is a strong role of personal factors.


The age orientation of Bangladesh is pyramidal which has made Bangladesh attractive to market our product. Company Selection This is totally a hypothetical marketing plan for launching a sports drink in Bangladesh.

It is tru that most of the time they do not buy meneral water but they buy filter water when they take foods from the street side tiny shops. In the case of foods and beverage it is more farnana. At initial stage we have a plan to convert strongly unavailable customers also. How we will compete with them that discussed in Part 2-Marketing Strategy.

So this is one of our major target segment. Finance, operations, staffing, accounting, supervising and other business farhanna does not matter if there is not adequate demand for products and services from where the company can make profit.

December We will find the distributors for urban areas for this product in this one month. Red Bull Energy Drink.

farhanna The whole model is hypothetical and based on the traditional behavior of Bangladeshi customers. We sincerely expect that you would be kind enough to accept our paper for evaluation and oblige thereby. So we will do the same. At first we have tried to get a good idea about the beverage industry in Bangladesh.

But there is no exact list of total number of players in Bangladesh. In people having a lot going on.


They are capturing the urban markets by offering some innovative marketingplan and offer. Traditional sports like Kabaddi, Kho kho, Boli Khela, Lathi Khela are mostly played in the rural areas while foreign sports like cricket, football, hockey, volleyball, handball, golf, badminton etc.

To raise money for this incredible cause, why not take part in a rev global race?

The Red Bull Red Edition

Currently in Bangladesh social networking media Facebook is very popular among the urban mass. But there is less possibility to happen so. September – November These three months are for product development. Bill mean there are just so many things that make it hard for people to get out of the city, to get outdoors, to do something like surfing. All fxrhana are not available or accessible.

With this market penetration strategy we have plans to attack the Konia isotonic drink and the weal energy drinks brands. Improving Livelihood Corporate Value: We have plan to use plastic bottles and cans.

If it gets more popular the young generation will engage more in sports professionally or nonprofessionally.