Posted Nov 26, 0: Installing in text mode does not prevent you from using a graphical interface on your system once it is installed. Please shut down the computer, connect at least one disk, and restart to complete installation. Then you will need to disable the graphical boot permanently – otherwise you will have to perform the previous procedure every time the system boots. You can find out how much RAM is being utilized using the free -m command.

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Posted Nov 26, 0: Using the Keyboard to Navigate 9. If both passwords match, a message informing you of a successful root password change will appear.

Chapter 9. Using the Fedora installer

To select an item from a list of items, move the cursor to the item you wish to select and press Enter. To verify that this is the problem you are fedoora, execute the following command: After you updated the file and saved it, refresh the boot loader configuration so that the change will take effect.

Our only choices are to document and release, or slip. Browse Requests Reports Product Dashboard.

Using the Fedora installer. Comment 5 Adam Williamson The standard Linux answer is for the end- user to be part of the development and QA process. The Installation Summary Menu 9. If specifying a custom video driver solves your problem, you should report it as a bug at https: For additional information xdriber df and an ffdora of the options available such as the -h option used in this examplesee the df 1 man page.


Please shut down the computer, connect at least one disk, and restart to complete installation.

– xdriver=vesa is not honored

You can make some room on the partition by removing unneeded files. Specify the display resolution manually If the installation program fails to detect your screen resolution, you can override the automatic detection and specify it manually.

Copy the log files onto another system on the network using the scp command:. Note that if you use an USB flash drive or other removable media, you should make sure to back up any data on it before starting the procedure. If the displayed total amount of memory does not match sdriver expectations, it is likely that at least one of your memory modules is faulty.

fedoea If the above options fail, you can use a separate system to access the graphical installation over the network, using the Virtual Network Computing VNC protocol. To configure options not available in text mode, consider using a boot option. Anaconda should be able to xvriver your hardware automatically and use the appropriate driver without your intervention. If people want “Linux on the Desktop”, then things like this are important.


Additional information about available resources such as IRC channels and mailing lists is available at https: If the installation program does not run using its default settings, it attempts to run in a lower resolution mode.

Then, provide a valid password when prompted. Specifically, languages written with a character set other than the Latin or Cyrillic alphabets are not available in text mode.

Attachments Terms of Use anaconda logs You can attempt to perform the installation using the basic graphics driver.


Recommended Partitioning Scheme 9. Screenshots during installation 9. Pressing F12 accepts the current values and proceeds to the next dialog; it is equivalent to pressing the OK button. After you free up some disk space, start X using the startx command. Fedora 10 released Posted Nov 26, 0: A log detailing all recent events will be displayed.