There is a chance I’ll be taking this Adaptec back and getting the Todd Aug 17, One concern I had early on with multiple disks was did the drive order matter? In other languages Deutsch Polski. FreeSBIE contains a wealth of applications, including: Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

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I’m also going to do some testing to make sure I know how to rebuild the array before I need to rebuild it.

If you do follow the instructions in the Handbook, I suggest not specifying the real mountpoints when using Disk Label Editor. I am pulling the trigger and rolling my own FreeNAS box.

FreshPorts — sysutils/arcconf

See if you get to see the Adaptec’s pre-boot sequence as to “Bios was not installed! I was going out anyway, so I bought new IDE cables. Todd Aug 17, Boot up FreeNAS 8 x64 and the array isn’t seen.

I rebooted into FreeBSD and left the rebuild to run. As you noticed in the previous section, when I removed a disk from the array simulating a disk failurethe filesystem continue to function.


Failure is not an option The following point is very important.

A user-friendly web interface is used to configure the firewall. In short, you want to create a disk array, then allow it to build. This should avoid qdaptec problems.

Create mount points for the old system Create mount points for the new system Mount both drives copy everything rreebsd the old to the new I started off in my home directory, and started creating the mount points: I had all the files I had before. I suspect the controller labels the drives in some manner in order to keep track of them.

I would not recommend attempting to connect or disconnect the cables while the card is installed in the computer. Configure your server individually at www.

Adaptec 6405E Installation And User Manual: Installing With Freebsd

Which makes GB, which matches the value shown above. With advance notice, tt least you won’t get as concerned about this as I did when I first saw it.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. I let the array completely rebuild after any testing. If your mobo recognizes the card and freenas doesn’t then you might want to update your BIOS first.


Adaptec showing disks not arrays – XigmaNAS

Special FreeBSD know-how is therefore not required for managing adapted firewall. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Here is my fdisk results: I went to bed and left it to run overnight. Drive order One concern I had early on with multiple disks was did the drive order matter? Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

I suspected the cable.

Installing the Driver and an Operating System. Take a look at this list here for a good run-down of cards: A warning stating that the hard drive will be formatted. After booting, I found this: Here is is what my disk label information looks like: Kinda screams that our driver install didn’t work but we don’t get any errors on boot. Installing With Freebsd User manual and install guide.