The hard drive is made by Toshiba. The power supply unit is small and nice to handle. The 80 watt power supply unit takes approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes to recharge the battery completely. Voltcraft sl 15 cm distance. The battery life is not extremely high; a nearby power point should always remain within reach.

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Even with csmera pressure, the keyboard gives in considerably, and the wrist-rests can be bent without major effort. The back has two slots with which to connect to hardware. With the Lifebook AH, Fujitsu continues the series of affordable multimedia notebooks. Nowadays, DVDs are not usually part of the notebook package, as the data is located on a hidden partition.

Review Fujitsu Lifebook AH532 Notebook

As long as the user looks straight at the display, the viewing angles are decent, although as soon as the display is bent, the image is distorted. As mentioned before, the keyboard slightly bends while writing. However, the typing feel is utterly convincing. Fujitsu Lifebook AH, made available by: Deus Ex Human Revolution Strokes and stops feel pleasant, and the typing noise is not disturbing.


Although it feels strange at first, it seems to work fine in the end.

seties I thought you should stay away from Bios unless you knew what you were doing First I tried to reinstall the cam driver, but it said: The volume is alright and sufficient enough to watch a movie.

I do think it is a hardware fault with this webcam in this particular machine. The power supply unit is small and nice to handle.

AH – Camera not working – Blinking – Fujitsu Support Forum

The same goes for the display, which can be easily twisted. Therefore, the Fujitsu Lifebook AH should not have any issues with the processor’s waste heat. In terms of connectivity, the Lifebook AH does not bring any great surprises.

However, the user should not expect the highest resolution and details. Lastlythis machine has a good quality, workmanship and superior performance the label behind says Made in Germany. It is a bit cumbersome to take out the battery.

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK AH532 laptop webcam drivers

Still, there is some comfort in the fact that the brightness is not reduced during battery operation. The spacing between the keys of approximately 4 mm is decent as well.


The first two lines are the same: If it is not necessary I would not take my laptop back to service, because I work on my computer all the time and it takes 1 or 2 weeks for them to fix a problem.

The Lifebook AH scores with up-to-date processor technology and a new casing. The two mouse keys leave nothing to be desired. The only matte areas are the base and the keyboard. Desktop performance for Windows Aero. There were no image errors though.

Windows XP was unable to detect your keyboard. With this test, the notebook is brought to its limits. On the other hand I have no bluetooth or SD card dispalyed either and they work fine. Neither the Adobe RGB color range nor the considerably smaller sRGB color range are fully covered, which is quite common in this price range and not a compelling disadvantage for the average user.