The memory’s frequency is too difficult to raise, while the GPU speed doesn’t matter much, as you know. The image is sharp up to X at Hz. BioShock Infinite and Metro: User’s Manual; CD with drivers and utilities. Write a comment below. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

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Hyundai produces memory chips with 6 ns access time, which corresponds to MHz. The difference from the first reviewed card is only in the DVI connector for digital monitors. Winbond produces memory chips with 6 ns access time, which corresponds to MHz.

The design is also identical to 51 reference card. Although it is not too much, the performance boost will be noticeable. BioShock Infinite and Metro: The image is sharp up to X at Hz.

Agp-grafikkarte ELSA Gladiac 511 Tv-out 3024

All the cards cost cheaper than their competitors, while their quality is incredibly good. The GPU has a big heatsink without a fan.

However, you shouldn’t expect the performance equal to an AGP card see our 3Digest. That is why this card wasn’t overclocked for the tests. Until gaming video cards had only the company’s own design.


And even at X, 75 Hz you may work comfortably with this card. The card has Gladisc support, i. The quality, however, was anyway high because the cards were tested thoroughly. Test results All the card have decent 2D quality which is similar to cards from other brand-name companies.

ELSA GLADIAC TV-OUT graphics card – GF2 MX – 64 MB Overview – CNET

Pentium III based get-up: But then the company decided to purchase OEM cards from other manufacturers, mark them with its logo, equip with its own software and sell under its trade mark. Samsung produces memory chips with 6 ns access time, which corresponds to MHz. The performance of all these cards is excellent and conforms to their level.

Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: For comparative analyses the results of the following cards are used: Fast bit color and High Quality bit color. But a chipset which works at MHz can do without cooling glaxiac all.

Well, the overclocking potential is promising, but the performance will hardly increase much because of the restrictions of the PCI bus. Thus, you may display an image either on two monitors or on a monitor and a TV screen.


So, today the tests will be conducted glariac three GeForce2 MX based cards: Video 3Digests Video cards: User’s Manual; CD with drivers and utilities. The ships both in Retail and OEM packages.

ELSA Gladiac , ELSA Gladiac PCI and ELSA Gladiac DVI on NVIDIA GeForce2 MX

Only the PCI based card has its own peculiarities and specific design. This situation, however, is typical of Europe only, while in the USA you may find them even 51 than the cards from Asian makers. Quake3 Arena demo The tests were glsdiac out in two modes: So, if you have got a mainboard without an AGP slot this card is the only except the Matrox G PCI which can provide you with a wide range of functions of image displaying on two monitors and of a sound level of 3D acceleration.

The GPU is equipped with a big black heatsink similar to the one of the 3dfx Voodoo3