The R2 is for the elite as it incorporates the same sensors used for stress tests by the likes of the European Space Agency, Airbus, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority etc. Here are some pictures of the quality control process and of the force displacement curves. I just received a Gunfighter and have not had a chance to set it up and try it out yet. These deformations will be detected by the sensors and interpreted as an applied force. We suggest you contact these sites for a refund.

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I heard that the Warthog, despite it’s excellent design and price tag, still uses some cheap components inside?

CCP, Compiler and Calibration tips. Independent force sensor for each axis Green anodized fixation element Stick coufar 4 M4 Sensor fixation 4 M3 Measurement electronic with separate channels Independent zero adjust for each channel Force selection in 4 levels for each axis Inox AISI Laser engraved Id plate Required screws and nuts included Electric connections made by connectors.

There are also a couple of threads here on this forum with some good feedback in them on both offerings: In this way, the customer will be able to select and change the force in their jyostick home, with the FSSB force select dip-switch. If it is placed in the OFF position left force is increased.


New Cougar owners – start here!

It was an easy enough fix. I can disassemble the gunfighter stick and place my cougar one. Warthog is a solid choice and there were no equal when it came out. Welcome to Cougar World, buddy!

So initially, we’ve designed it to: In all of my pots stick and throttle began to spike, and I was unable to re-calibrate them properly anymore, so I ended up shopping online for other ones.

Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar – joystick and throttle – wired Series

The moystick system uses a suspended arrangement to offset dimensional variations between different Cougar bases. I did have a button on the grip go bad, so bought another one off Ebay and just transferred it’s grip over to my base. I would personally replace at this time if it were me. For example, do I try to mimic the real plane’s Hotas, or do I go for having common functions on the same button across every aircraft?

Focus Cougar related questions on one site so that the developers and those involved in beta testing the Cougar, as well as those very knowledgeable about it, can address issues directly.

These deformations will be detected by the sensors and interpreted as an applied force. I was unable to use them since then, but I continued using the cougar throttle none-the-less.

Search for stiction in this forum to understand better their gimbal “drama”. Buttons, Hats, and Axes.


Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar () Joysticks | eBay

Due to this big difference, we decided to allow each customer to select the cohgar that suits him best. This upgrade uses as many parts of the Cougar as possible to ensure that such a high fidelity product is affordable for the flight simulator enthusiast.

Updated firmware, software, documentation, translations. So I have a few joustick. I’ve not had any sticktion issue that people seem to clamor about either.

Similarly, the forces for maximum displacement are replicated although these can be reduced to suit personal preferences. Should I pursue a retrofitting of the cougar, or just buy the Warthog instead?

The hoyas is available in two models: But let me assure you that the 17 to pound selection needs to be secured as firmly as possible to the cockpit or the desk. Originally Posted by Itael Page 1 of 2. We suggest you contact these sites for a refund. The adjustment of these potentiometers is very simple and we would like to explain why you have to perform it.