Or my mpps is crap? Anybody sucess use MPPS v16? V16 hardware V16 soft, found with hardware The software version you install show V Stubs Auto la Culture Automobile au quotidien. Did anyone do any research on the MCU in the device?

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All electronics in OBD2 connector.

B13 China Clone V16 is available now since 4 month? Hi I acquired a clone interface mpps v12, and cd contains no software driver.

V13.02 MPPS Chip Tuning Software Installation Tips

On the other hand you can start buy working with “not genuine” tools – do some money and than buy ori tool. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk http: Click the star icon in your favorite listings to mpps items to your Watchlist. In the Txt file is standing the problem is away with checksum and edc17! V16 calculate chks or not? In addition there is tons of b13, diagnostics, tto unlocking and much more stuff included as well as various programs which will help you communicate with your car.


MPPS chip tuning V Price nearly the same as China V We will be online: If it is edc16 Thanks friend, yes it is edc16, year. Due to the differen HW must be direct linked to the sw.

If anyone is interested, then let him take the fast contact me!! Therefore please upload here V13 mppps relese in order to close the topic!!!

MPPS V13.02 software installation problem and solution

Requires Windows XP sp2 Features: I purchased version 13 mpps clone. If i update it to v16 like is post here did i have luck whit this bmw-s cause want to try everything befor bdm it. Please let us know the news! BMW Series 3 3.

MPPS V Other Diagnostic Service Tools | eBay

Is this version more stable or any other advantage? Tecno just visit the AMT Website and you will find your answer.

One of our customer instapl the software of MPPS and meet the following problem: It means that the software and hardware are good, no quality problem. I opened this in winols demo and got tables which were automatically identified. I personal encourage you to have “ori” tool, of course the budget is high for this issue and with other hand you will have “official” support, regular updates etc.


On his website you can’t buy anything, this why he has several dealers, like the one i showed you.

Automotive Vehicles in South Africa Keyword: The modern interface that allows read and write memory from the car computer via the diagnostic connector. I think, there is some problem with car. I guess the MCU is read protected? Professional performance, without unnecessary boxes and cables. If it is edc