If you order late on a Friday or any time on Saturday or Sunday, your item s will not ship until the next business day, which is Monday. View more great items. Get fast and flexible playback with great audio and video quality with Windows Media Player 9 Series. Being low-end is no reason to condemn a product—many people buy low-end for affordability, expendability, and simplicity. Not a bad idea, but it makes just toggling the backlight on and off more difficult.

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HP iPAQ rz Pocket PC Information Review

But trying to trick the user into thinking that they have more than they do is just apalling. Suffice to say, I doubt that the casing would survive too serious of a drop, but that can be said of any Pocket PC.

Not only is the rz slower, but it has less memory and no wireless compared to the Moving to the bottom of the device, dead center underneath is the docking port, which is identical to the type used on the iPaq and models.

Not a hard thing to do when it lacks any actual features. Let the games begin Standard Microsoft games included. Say it with me: The sides are totally plain, as is the back, except for the usual sticker giving regulatory complience information. No doubt the processor rearing its head. Forget video, forget most games, forget serious multitasking, or anything resource-demaning. Moments you want to re-live.


The inherently small size and illogical placement of a top-mounted button is just inconvenient for one of the most used functions on the device. However, I noticed that file transfers to and from my SD memory card felt noticibly slower than on the Axim X30, which also sports a 4-bit slot. HP Image Zone photo and imaging software rrz1715 it easy to find, organize, edit, and share your photos and video. They take pride in their ability to add new items daily to our store and provide extremely fast shipping.

The design is boxy, the look and feel is cheap, and the sudden cut from light silver front to dark grey back makes it look hacked together. If there is a problem with the product, you must contact us within 30 days of arrival so that we may resolve the issue within your warranty period. Get fast and flexible playback with great audio and video quality with Windows Media Player 9 Series. Pros Makes a great way to identify stupid rich people Cons Unreasonable price Cheap contruction No wireless Little memory Rz11715 battery Lackluster processor.

You are a musician: The is a glorified dayplanner. If you order late on a Friday or yp time on Saturday or Sunday, your item s will not ship until the next hl day, which is Monday.

The basic WiFi card works, but that leaves no option for expanding zr1715 already scarce memory.


And for the same or a little more than theyou could get a high-end X30 that is much faster than the in addition to everything else. No worries about it falling out at least.

Then, select your country from the drop-down box, enter in rz1751 zip code if applicable and click “Get Rates”. Our support team is solely email-based and they respond to each email within 1 business day. The tiny indentation off to the left is where the keeps its reset button.

HP iPaq rz1715 Review

This listing is currently undergoing maintenance, we apologise for any inconvenience caused. The first of these is limited in scale, since IR ports are increasingly rare, being replaced by more advanced wireless technologies.

An outlandish price for bargain-basement hardware. It is crisp, clear, and offers very good color depth and definition. View more great items. Nothing too remarkable here. Return shipment cost is the responsibility of the buyer.

Inside the box is a very basic subset of accessories: Tracking is uploaded automatically within 1 business day to your order details on eBay for you to view.