Related informationThe following documents and websites provide related information: In the Adapter Settings window, set the following. Copy driver package to a working directory. This must be done before the script is executed. The next step is to save the script as a. This article resolved my issue.

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You need to enable security on this component, as it could expose confidential information see Qlobic User Impersonation. Complete the operating system build.

Consistent with FAR Email Address never made public.

Click Next and complete the installation. Select FC-AL for direct qloic configurations. Oct 31, Last Updated: When you are Finished, press x to exit and reboot.

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If a disaster destroys functionality of the servers at the primary site, the remote site can take over with minimal downtime. Click OK and complete the installation. Enable one of the following boot LUN options: Auto Discover—When enabled, boot information, such as the location of the boot LUN,is provided by the qpogic This is the default value.


Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: Government undervendor’s standard commercial license. When adapters are configured toboot from the disk device on the SAN, the server boots as if the SAN disk were a local disk.

Request a Product Feature. You can optionally specify a CPG for snapshot space for fully-provisioned volumes. Select one of the following options from the allocation list: If you are not sure which SP has the lowest target ID or which one has the preferred connection to the boot LUN, use your storage array management software to determine that information. This docume nt pro vides info rmati on about implementing the high-a vailab ilit y feature s of boot fr om S AN in ProL iant server s.

HP SAN Solutions : HP Boot from SAN Configuration Guide

Repeat steps 8 to 10 for all initiator ports. Continue with the installation. Ensure appropriate zoning techniques are applied see my best practice guide If you are using clustering ensure nodes in a cluster have sole access to the boot LUN 1: From the menu bar, select: May 21, Total Views: To unmount the boot. Enter the root password, ensure that password must match.


Boot from SAN alleviates the necessity for each server to have its own direct-attached disk, eliminating internal disks as a potential point for failure. Table 2 page 18 Cross-reference linksBlue, underlined text: Select Exit or press X to exit.

In diskless server builds to reduce power consumption by having no internal disks. To determine the index of the desired SKU in the install. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Press F1 to confirm the installation. HP P art Number: With the introduction of the Microsoft Storport driver, booting from a SAN has become less problematic.

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