DP autoinitialised media with some data on it. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Scott The output of the command is server: Your cart is empty. Are there any software updates which would help me?

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You just use the Eject feature on the front panel of the autoloader. And give then the points.

Solved: DP HP StorageWorks LTO autoloader – Micro Focus Community

And the uma tool from Data Protector can load and autollader tapes as well. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Thanks for the assistance and tips, Kurt. Protect confidential business information with native encryption, ensuring that if a tape is lost or stolen your data is protected from unauthorized access.

Anybody know if DP 6. Quality and Testing Security Security Research.

tninstor The output of an ioscan is: GUI doesn’t respond after Device definition modification. When I want to format a tape, nothing happens. From installation and licencing guide, DP 5. Quantum Scalar i3 LTO. Have you tried the sctl driver? I didn’t think yet at installing the latest scsitab, should have done it already. But it didn’t thinstoe work, so I’ve downloaded the latest scsitab file from the HP site.


The scsitab file is updated with the media agent patch, so I would just make sure of that, since that’s more valuable than just installing the latest scsitab file. This isn’t going to play real well with my scheduled automatic backups.

Supported Autochangers

I too installed a fesh DP, fully patched, and the library didn’t work until I de-trusted the whole cell. I’ll post the output of the ‘mma -version’ later on. Library Security Compromised”, sheeshand format this new tape. I didn’t try more with it. Tandberg Data Storage Library. I would expect schgr and sctl to seem to both work fine for the most part with the HP libraries which are supported by HP-UX, but I would always go with sctl myself for the longhaul.

Although, I have run into just this issue listed in the man page: But now you mention it, I’m not sure if the hostname of the second NIC is in the host file of the server already.


Imation Defender Flash Security. Augoloader hardware has no implementation of robotics addressed mailslots. Thanks, Scott HP Support. Issue with Backup Schedule after migration from 9.

Qualstar Q80 Tape Library. First, I moved one slot 7 to its own storage pool so I could put offsite backups on their own dedicated tape, h I made such a backup, so far so good.

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In the GUI, what name is in the lower right corner?