Interesting, and do you remember when you’d used it before? In other languages Add links. Plan et Index Le Glossaire. After 4 hours, it has to redownload the full ephemeris and that requires some good signal 28dB-Hz , but maybe you had it on the seat. Views Read View source View history. Impressive performance on that flight, was it stored in the overhead compartment?

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Transystem i-Blue Users. The device can easily be used in Linux too; e. For earlier kernel versions have a look here. Yes, Adam fixed that quick, apparently the was slightly different from the log I just got one of these.

GPS Receiver

It gets recognized in the other gpe too, but didn’t work! In case you use gpsd use. I’m also looking forward to a review of the i-Blue One more thing, with the datalogger software’s Vista incompatibility, I’m not able to download the logs from the unit using my laptop.

Just realized that they have a PPC utility on their website, hadn’t seen it on the CD and I was about to comment about that ;- Oh and does the have a button to iblye a manual data point?


Log capacity just about. I ordered the iBlue from Semsons a week or so ago, and it got delivered here Norway in 6 days.

View more current devices at http: Even if you turn off thethe logging resumes when you start it again. The manual says something about that, but it’s not on the device. In the meantime I’ll put the picture iblje the manufacturer’s site. Log in every 5 seconds, and Bluetooth connection, stationary.

First you need to load two modules, usbserial and cp which are included in kernel 2.

I was pretty annoyed today when I realized I wouldn’t be able to geocode my pictures due to this timing-out problem. Plan et Index Le Glossaire.

I’ll be adding captures of the logging software, which is likely identical. This small device works well with PCs and Mobile Phones. The iBlue has two modes, datalogger or Nav. I still think the transfer speed should be faster, the Globalsat DG uses the same Prolific serial emulation driver and it’s much faster, with the I stopped at 9 minutes for 15, points.

Apparently they are working on software that will allow for data downloading over Bluetooth, faster transfer over Bluetooth and lobger PocketPC application.


The iBlue is a dual function GPS receiver with Bluetooth connectivity and 16Mb of onboard memory for data logging. Fortunately I haven’t seen the log data being erased by moving the switch as others have, but overall I’d say that both the and ‘s logging modules are going to need more work before they’re ready for prime time.


The PC application lets you export logged data to. Ended up costing me around Lgoger On the in logging mode you can still use it as a Bluetooth receiver. I’ve only seen it on Semson’s webbsite. The PTL button only works if the is “awake”, i. Impressive performance on that flight, was it stored in the overhead compartment?

Transystem – OpenStreetMap Wiki

The key there is the semi-standard CSV file that is created. I don’t understand why but it didn’t work without the “-p” switch, although the man pages states it. The device can be used in Linux too; e.