Please add the fix as it also solves the problem on my T I found that the power controls did not work properly when I first set this up; the CPU was not throttled down as it was supposed to be when I unplugged from AC power. I fixed this by replacing the built-in Ubuntu Hoary version 0. Hard disk speed boosts? My device manager shows the above hardware as Not Working.

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Is this still an issue with the latest kernels and tools? As explained by Michael R Head in his post in this threadthe Ubuntu Hoary version of tpb does not support on-screen display OSD of the results of your actions.

I installed the TPM driver as Vista didn’t have that, although currently nothing uses it. Retrieved from ” https: Hard drive firmware update Bootable diskettes – ThinkPad General Has anyone tried the Lenovo Power Manager?

I’m taking the same view you are – if it’s not required, don’t install it. Noflushd is a daemon that spins down disks that have not been read from after a certain amount of time, and then prevents disk writes from spinning them back up.

It’s targeted for laptops but can be used on any computer with IDE disks. I’ve been wanting to get into using Thinkpads with libreboot installed.


Open a terminal, use the cd command to navigate to the directory in which you downloaded the package and enter:. I recommend against using the sudo grub-update command that most guidelines recommend at this point, but thinkpwd you have edited the file correctly, it should do no harm to use that command.

You should experiment very carefully with this, and test whether any benefits occur.

Device Man shows dead hardware: ACPI/IBM What is it? – Thinkpads Forum

See full activity log. There is now a preliminary fix to this issue, but it needs work and integration.

I use this one wcpi it has xrandr support, which means I can change resolution. No guarantee of your results with the driver below. Client Security Solution v6.

Ubuntu Linux 5.04 on an IBM ThinkPad T42

The only thing my system has not working now is the ac;i reader You acpo only want to test the hotplug status of the wired Ethernet connection, so the lines should read:. Any way some type of fix for this could get into Hoary? Toward the bottom of the file, you will find one or two entries in the list that are designed to boot Microsoft Windows.


This page was last modified on 26 Augustat Running Windows Update should provide the correct drive.

Ubuntu Linux on an IBM ThinkPad T42

The view angle is about the same as on my T Ubm still looking into improving this, and have a couple of ideas. There are two options for the driver: Adam Glasgall aglasgall wrote on Various kernel configs for T20 and X Can be used to underclock to reduce power, especialy when on batteries.

Find the section that begins: I acppi not discussed wireless configuration, but much useful information can be found about subject at http: This involves using a utility to power down the video imb on suspend and power up on resume.

Just as the clockspeed ratio would predict. Open a terminal and enter these commands:. If you don’t want to insert the CD each time you update your system, comment this out by inserting the character at the front of the line.