Your cart is empty. To access this and other valuable technical resources, please sign in or register for a new online account. This controller also features an embedded HTTP server which generates a dynamic web page to accept command line input and show immediate response. Customer Service Technical Support Information and advice about the operation of any New Focus product is available from our applications engineers. This allows you to connect one master controller to your PC and be able to communicate with the entire stack. Note that one power supply is required for every three controllers.

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Open-Loop Picomotor™ Motion Controller Modules

If any network parameters are changed, they must be saved to the non-volatile memory with the SAV commandand controller restarted in order for settings to come into effect. In order to view this screen, it is first necessary to type in the host name or IP address.

The locked hand terminal will display message Unlocked and will return to normal operation. Response Name result Type Description bool True 1 on success; false 0 on failure. Digital and analog single-axis motion controllers with integrated servo power amplifiers designed for applications using brushless AC or brush-commutated DC motors up to 1.

These new commands, plus six commands for the joystick, are described in the following sections. However, in order to avoid network conflicts, the fixed IP address needs to be blocked from being assigned to other network devices by the network administrator.


The user will need to go through the following steps: The third and fourth lines show the response from the controller. A single key press will perform the function printed in white; pressing the Shift key then the key will command the function in yellow.

Name result Type Description bool True 1 on success; false 0 on failure. Laser Diode Test Systems. This locks access for all ports including the joystick except the port issuing the command. Reverting Back to Factory Default Configuration If any network configuration changes cause the Ethernet connectivity of the controller to stop functioning, the user can revert back to the factory default IP configuration by flipping up DIP Switch 1 and doing a reset using Buttons 1, 3 and 4 on the joystick.

Joystick outputs are dependent on current status of Pico devices.

Frequently Asked Questions Q: Verify the current network configuration displayed on the web page. The Model Hand Terminal provides additional inteligent control capabilities to the Picomotor operation—it can control up to 31 drivers, compared to just three drivers with the joystick. However, the host name needs to be changed to NF Change the gateway address: Customer Service Technical Support Information and advice about the operation of any New Focus product is available from our applications engineers.

This command could be used for trouble shooting Ethernet configurations, e.

Open-Loop Picomotor™ Motion Controller Modules

The kit includes the following components: Name Type outbyte u16 Description Most recently set state of output byte. Do I need multiple power supplies to power multiple drivers? Change the IP address: Set commands works only in joystick-off JOF mode and allows for setting mapping of devices.


If you have the multi-axis kinematic stages, you need two adaptor cables to connect to the driver s. The default mode is with all ports enabled.

Logosol Prealigners, Robots, CNC, Servo, Stepper, Motion Control

Login to view your complete order history. Confirm that the Ethernet connection is working by doing one or more of the following: Safety features include short circuit protection for the motor and the amplifier, limit switch inputs, hardware stop input, over and under voltage shutdown, and maximum motor output current settings.

What does the driver kit include? Drive case is isolated from drive circuitry and can be grounded externally. To reset, power-up with the Ethernet connected. Devices support coordinated motion of several motors via the Logosol Distributed Control Network and control of up to 31 intelligent servo drives over a multi-drop full duplex RS network.

In addition to the four Intelligent Picomotor network set-ups described in the original manual, the following configurations are now possible: