PIC wars among hobbyists, people tend to forget that what matters is the application and then making the best microcontroller choice accordingly. Retrieved from ” http: I’m currently considering my options for how to reduce the end-user price while leaving a little something for myself too. Please read the instructions carefully, they are found in the link below:. Thanks for the review! Download the software package with libraries and examples from the website and you’re good to go. This gives the project a lot of options for communications, including Bluetooth.

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There is a very simple way to update the IOIO firmware.

So the board is not completely broken. I hope you have fun with the board now that you have it up and running.

IOIO-OTG board review

Keep in mind, if you have errors, you will not be able to compile and run your code, you will need to fix any errors. Found out that the output FET does not get right driving voltage level to turn on.

We have a blog post that shows or has links to many well documented example projects, with source code. After some weeks I received the product. ottg

IOIO-OTG – V – development board for Android, OS X, Windows – Kamami

For instance, if you write code that doesn’t make sense, Eclipse will show a red x next to the line in question and even give you suggestions as to how to change the line of code. Chin Ghee Tan February 22, at 8: I would be happy to shell out some “voluntary royalties”: Simply hover your mouse cursor over the line and you will see something like this:.


On-board LED under user control. Did the 9v battery work on the ioio board? I am, however, looking into a winndows sustainable arrangement Privacy policy About Geeetech Wiki Disclaimers. I used cheap Super Mini Bluetooth 2.

This gives the project a lot of options for communications, including Bluetooth. This feature of the IOIO makes prototyping and development with it very fast and simple. Thanks for the feedback. I love the product… and I would like to see a version that can handle a Hexapod with 18 servos. In that, I feel that I have yet to improve. The development has been an ongoing process, with new features and bug fixes introduced on a regular basis.

IOIO-OTG board review |

September 9, at Please read the instructions carefully, they are found in the link below:. This example shows a very simple usage of the IOIO and will give you an idea of what to expect when programming. One of the key factors in meeting this goal assuming the product is great, of course is making it affordable for as many people as possible. I have connected my homemade power cable to it from 9V wiindows or V mains adapter.


IOIO-OTG – V2.2 – development board for Android, OS X, Windows

Click here to buy: Ytai March 14, at 6: Already have a working prototype, but need to polish. This app is a great starting point for making sure your development environment and the IOIO board is working correctly.

Innovative and really cost effective, too. Henrik P January 25, at 5: The original IOIO board was the first to offer a complete solution to this problem for Android devices. In addition, many of the pins are capable of other functions as detailed in the table at the bottom of this page.

More information on the Google USB driver is found here [14]. You can now unplug your phone from your computer, then plug it into the IOIO to test what you have done.