I was hoping to get a quick small drive to use for my XP install and programs for now but later I would like to be able to attatch a larger drive for storage. To run the live CD, once you boot from Ubuntu in the menu choose “try ubuntu without any changes to your pc” sentence may vary. I did take note having the new drive set up in an array and then taking it out again did not cause any issues and it looks like it will switch back and forth. There has to be another way so that two SATA drives can be installed independantly of one another. Find More Posts by Standy.

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There has to be another way so that two K72n drives can be installed independantly of one another. I dunno, I feel like I’m missing something obvious here, but if I select option 1 it asks me to set up either a performance or security array, and those are the only two options. Have your computing friend in life gotten herself a new disk yet?

Issue there is you access this in Auto set up Option 1 under i7n2 fastbuild utility Main Menu. Mon Feb 23, 2: It is a RAID setup.


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Linux – Software This forum is for Software issues. After your response to satz question, what you are saying is take a jumper and attach it to the pins on back of hard drive marked 1 and 2 and then take sata connector and put it into ser 1?

Took me a while to realize you had to check the other manual, though. Having a problem installing a new program? I feel like I have a handle on this now. Also took note the drive while plugged into power was very warm to the touch. Fri Mar 12, 1: So how is this done? The first delra with the 3 ide.

After picking auto setup the first option is Performance but it states I can change this but will not saata me to change to the security array for copying. You could try jumper it to SATA 1.

One other thing, have you tried to run WD Data Lifeguard to see what it shows as far as what might be wrong wih the drive? Also mentioned was ensuring drivers were loaded in c drive.

Yes SCSI is right. But you can do slipstream XP installation disk and to include the necessary drivers.

Can MSI K7N2 Delta ILSR SATA RAID controller do JBOD?

However, I cannot get WinXP to see it. All times are GMT It’s all explained there. Ok, set it up in the array settings on boot. The book is telling me after reboot I have to format the drive which dslta what I do not want to do. It should work fine.


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So no worry about re-formating the damaged drive before I get the info from it. Plugged it into the SER1 on my board and booted up.

I have a single drive on my promise raid controller, and if I delete a raid array, and reboot it will times auto setup the array for me, but I’m not sure about newer boards. I know that I must be missing something simple here, but darned if I know what it is. Am I correct on all this? Check and see if there delts an option in the bios to change the RAID controller’s configuration to a normal drive controller. Never rely on HDD for permanent storage of important stuff. Like always, any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.