Getting Started Install Software 1. Do you have some document about this issue?? Please suggest me if the above range and channels are available, and if not till what range can i get and which module to select. The U6 series is great for acquiring signals from thermocouples, strain gages, bridge circuits, encoders, and much more. For data rate information see Section 3. For the full list, see this list of U6 software options. The site search includes this document, the forum, and all other resources at labjack.

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Getting Started Install Software 1. Steve Grobler Steve Grobler view profile. The analog outputs are based on a true voltage reference. Those four can be generating or measuring in a any combination. Select the China site in Chinese or English for best site performance. The end of Section 4.

Select a Web Site

Frequency Generation Mode 7 and bit Frequency Measurements are working fine individually. All 14 analog inputs are available on the DB37 connector.

Be sure to keep an eye on the U6 Firmware page for the latest U6 firmware. User menu Login Register Cart Contact. Learn About Live Editor. My computer has i5 cpu core. Once a month is the limit for these emails, but typical frequency is much less than that.


U6 Series | LabJack

Technical Support All LabJacks include lifetime technical support. Rather than downloading, though, we encourage you to use this web-based documentation.

I need many U6 devices more than two. Updated 10 Dec To log a post in the forum, i To log a post in the forum, i am not able to login as the site always says user name or password doesn’t match. Print this section Save as PDF. So I will purchase more U6 devices if the measurement is possible. Lavjack applications include laboratory research, industrial control and monitoring, and prototype development.

I saw them mentioned in the quickstart guide, but cannot find any. For more information about the timers see Section 2. An efficient way to navigate this online i6 is to use the Table of Contents button to the left.

Every LabJack is backed by our free Legendary Support, for life. For the full list, see this list of U6 software options. And I tested using this code, and it works well. No software CD included. Retail packing Package size: User menu Login Register Cart Contact.



For the outputs, let us know the range of frequency and whether they are square waves or rectangular variable duty cycle. We can quickly improve and update content.

Additionally, we provide all the software you need to get the most out of your LabJack. Yes, you can do any combination of differential and single-ended. Options For Contacting Us Post in our forums Post a comment in the relevant section of documentation: If you are looking at a PDF, hardcopy, or other downloaded offline version of this document, realize that it is possibly out-of-date since the original is an online document.