North America United States Canada. The Lachesis improves upon the Razer DeathAdder with the inclusion of side buttons on both sides of the mouse, including two on-the-fly dpi buttons below the scroll wheel. You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. The basic shape of the Lachesis reminds me a bit of the old Razer Boomslang because it had the same tight back body that curved outwards towards the buttons and scroll wheel. With the mouse belly up, three Ultraslick Teflon feet are revealed, along with a profile button, and its super fast laser sensor. Back in the day when the laser sensors first hit the market the first performance feature to suffer was in fact high speed tracking, in favor of a sensor which had a higher resolution.

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It measures five inches long, roughly two-and-a-half inches wide, and about an inch-and-a-half tall. You can do so by simply clicking flair under your link! English United States English Canada. As with pretty much all available Razer mouse today the Lachesis features a bulky gold plated USB connector. I do lachseis for the misinformation given. We have our hands on the white Lachesis.

You will have to adjust the mouse sensitivity via your in game settings, depending on the game you are playing. On the back and side of the package you can read 4000 lot about the features of the Lachesis. Not sure how fast that is? I have owned several mice with weight adjustment kits and the likes. North America United States Canada.


Razer Lachesis Review | TechPowerUp

Please see Razer’s Cookie Policy. Since the mouse lets you store sensitivity and DPI settings within the mouse you can actually access these settings even when the mouse is plugged into a computer without the proper driver installed.

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When it comes to build quality the Lachesis is no let down either. The most revolutionary feature of this particular mouse is by far its state-of-the-art laser engine. Take your average mouse and multiply its speed and sensitivity by five.

See full rules in the wiki for exceptions. The buttons themselves are really firm and feel durable because they don’t give way to pressure like, i. Another interesting feature that the Razer Lachesis sports is 32 KBs of internal non-volatile memory used for storing profile data.

The Razer Lachesis arrived in a small but colorful and well-designed package. Right now i have no way of controlling the dpi. The Razer Lachesis reigns supreme with a true dpi 3G Laser sensor, which enables movement speeds of 5 times that of a standard dpi optical sensor.

Llachesis we take a look at the mouse from the side it’s pretty evident that Razer has tried to create something radically different from their other mice. All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. However, with Razer having yet to provide any drivers or customization software for the advanced capabilities of this mouse on Linux, is the Razer Lachesis worth its 0400 price tag?

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On multiple occasions in the past, Razer has promised to support their software under Linux. Hey, Before You Go Sign up for our newsletters today and keep up to date with our latest news, oachesis, and more. What really sets the Lachesis apart from the other high DPI Razer mice is the fact that it’s way wider which should make it more comfortable, at least in theory.


Now DPI isn’t the only performance aspect rpi the sensor that Razer has managed to increase with the Lachesis. The buttons are usually used to alter the sensitivity or DPI setting of the sensor, but can be reassigned through the driver to pretty much every key you want them to replicate.

The whole design of the front section of the mouse is pretty similar to what we have seen on the latest generation of Razer performance gaming mice. When you have gone through a pair of Razer mouse feet you are 40000 left with two options: I found that most mice either perform or they don’t, the customizable weight systems are just a marketing gimmick.

The scroll wheel is still illuminated with a blue LED and placed dead center along with the rigid cord mount.

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