I love this program there has got to be a way to fix this It is working and working well if we can just add those few features everyone would love it If i plug it into the xmltv it reads the info no problem I’ve installed tvheadend and experience the same issues as Tony indicates. I will say this Notice the ‘stype’ of 0 for the channel not being read, where as the ‘stype’ should be 1 indicating SDTV.

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I had to hand number the channels I had to name the channels then i had to set the channels up for xmltv. Check out my patch in Feature I am going to need some help but other then that I added your stype to it as well so with it you should be good to go.

[linux-dvb] [PATCH] Updated GenPix USB driver

Well what i did to correct that in there was slow the Scanning time down on each transponder I set the pct and smt to 70 secs and 90 genplx. I am racking my brains here Now mind you I have not worked with linux since the Walnut Creek days I wrote the full muxes to disk so i was able to make sure i was getting the transponder info I am the type that gets bored easily.

I gepix it might be going to fast and is missing the data or it could be something i have done Now it had a slow scan time but every channel was labeled and correct So anyways Installed Tvheadend. The map Services Button is enable Hello there, I am doing them one at a time and it is making it through the scan no problem I wrote the muxes to disk and low and behold there are the service id’s and channel info however when i yenpix to map services it says genpix probe started but thats it Could i have a permission wrong and that is why it is not reading the muxes????


With further work on this I’ve determined there are more service types that are not being recognized – so far I’ve foundand in use. But no here no there.

I am using ubuntu precise I will give it a go shortly with the changes I’ve made. I too wanted my channel numbers to be the same as the SID, however, not everyone wants this — sids are not the same as channel numbers anywhere else so the discussion is to add it as a checkbox on the configuration page — I guess I have to write the patch and then upload it to see if it gets merged in.

If so, disable this you linhx not need this to watch tv, and check if it works with this option disabled.

The simple fact is if i manually map the channel it works fine. Do you need more info?? I am going to patch away and hopefully everything will turn out right As I know there has got to be a way to fix this Looks like an easy enough fix just add a new service type and code to handle it.


Linux Kernel: drivers/media/usb/dvb-usb/gp8psk.c Source File

How do other linux tools present the data? There is something else i notice and i am not sure if it relvent or not.

Yeah I know I know shame on me Well I spent the better part of the day reverse engineering through the code, since I’m not familiar with it. I got unknown channels in mediaportal and setting the tuning time to 30 and the svt to 90 that solved that problem.

I am tired of mediaportal and its shortomings and constant crashes They will not map to channels as they are supposed to when you press the map to services Hein, that sound sensible to you? It is set to lijux now Its all there it just won’t map it I am using Ubuntu I cannot map the services to channels it is NOT finding the info about the channel therefore it is not mapping the channels